What Came (Up) First, the Blog or the Profile?

We’ve been thinking lately about this question posed by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends: when did online marketing become so complex? To simplify matters, Ms. Campbell experiments with an explanation of online marketing that relies on a series of concentric circles – the high priority options are in the middle, lowest priority on the… Read more »

Hot Documents: EFF Takes On the Director of National Intelligence and Universal Music Group

Recent filings from two important cases in which the EFF is involved are now available on JD Supra: 1) EFF’s suit against the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice demanding information about telecommunications companies’ efforts to get off the hook for their role in the government’s illegal electronic surveillance… Read more »

When They Google You, What Will They Find?

Marketing guru Seth Godin asks in a recent blog post: Who answers the phone? Godin’s point? That with marketing, we’re willing to prioritize considerable time and money on a new logo, a television ad (even a website!) – and yet often when it comes to the inbound telephone call, the prospect calling you: the lowest-paid,… Read more »

New Resource: Death Penalty Defense Motion Book

Books on JD Supra? Yes. One of our newest contributors, James B. Atwood, Jr.,  has generously shared a 214-page Death Penalty Defense Motion Book. What is it, exactly? A compilation of documents filed in connection with the defense of a capital case, including: jury instructions motions and memoranda of law relating to: discovery disclosure of… Read more »

JD Supra in Brief: Recently Posted Newsletters, Articles, and Legal Alerts

JD Supra contributors were busy sharing their insightful newsletters and articles last month.  Here’s a roundup of some of the most popular recent posts: Patent Happenings, the monthly newsletter of Latimer, Mayberry & Matthews IP Law LLP, providing in-depth analysis of judicial, legislative, and administrative developments in patent law. (April 1, 2008, issue is available… Read more »