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Most-Viewed on JD Supra

Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular articles and videos on JD Supra for last month. A variety of news items captured the interest of our readers in February, including the impending First-to-File patent change, a Superbowl trademark story, the CFPB, social media, global employment issues, and cybersecurity, among other topics. For… Read more »

Media Mentions: JD Supra Contributor Content in the News…

Here’s a quick roundup of JD Supra contributor content featured recently in various media/press outlets, from mainstream to industry specific. It’s a sample collection of noteworthy links, showing how law firm advisories and updates on JD Supra have been used by editors and writers as they cover news of the day for their readers. (Not… Read more »

Most-Viewed on JD Supra: Dec 2012

¬†As 2012 drew to a close, our readers continued to show interest in social media risks and liabilities, cloud computing, Dodd-Frank, the Affordable Care Act, and other such defining issues of these times. But legal interests didn’t end there. Also on the list: the Euro crisis, HSBC, big data, mobile app privacy, and the False… Read more »

Most-Viewed Updates on JD Supra: Nov 2012

[Video: #23 on this month’s most-viewed list, Baseball Analogy Catches Differences in Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment Theories, by Fenwick & West] ¬†Popular topics on JD Supra for the last month? Election analysis, the Affordable Care Act, cloud computing, impending tax issues for the new year, Facebook shenanigans, corporate bankruptcy matters, lessons from the… Read more »

Most-Viewed on JD Supra: October 2012

[Video: #14 on this month’s list, a recent issue of Bloomberg Law’s Weekly Brief] Legal issues surrounding digital media figure large in this month’s list of most-viewed updates, blog posts, videos, and other content on JD Supra: social media protections (and the occasional lack thereof), real disputes in virtual worlds, the Google Books settlement, EU… Read more »