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One Thing You Should Do To Every Title Before You Hit ‘Publish’

Test it on Twitter. That’s it. Which is not to say: tweet out your title before you have a link to accompany it. Rather, open a window for a tweet and paste your prospective title into it, specifically to measure how many characters you use. Less then 115? Good. Your title is likely tweetable (is… Read more »

What Makes Some Content More Popular Than Others?

Great question: what does make some content pieces more popular than others? Throughout this year my colleague, Adrian Lurssen, has been sharing his answer in a case study that arose out of an assignment for the LMA national conference last April: present anything you want on content marketing best practices, but do it in no… Read more »

Paul’s Perspective: If You Don’t Know How It Works, Teach Yourself How It Works…

(…and other lessons from Richard Hsu and his HsuTube legal video series.) I’m not sure I’m willing to call 2013 The Year of the Law Firm Video but I am certain that we saw many great examples of lawyers and law firms testing out the medium in the past twelve months. Video does very well… Read more »

How Does Your Legal Perspective Fit Into the News Cycle?

The Atlantic has an interesting piece by Robinson Meyer on Medium’s move toward news personalization for its readers. We’re fans of this interesting new content platform and I think you should read the entire article, but one point in particular stood out for us at JD Supra HQ and I want to share it with… Read more »

Paul’s Perspective: Write Early, Write Often…

One update is good. Several updates are much better… You’ve probably heard this piece of content marketing advice before, said one way or another. When it comes to showcasing your expertise through your writing, try to “go big” on a particular topic. The more you write on a matter, the more chances you have of… Read more »

Social channels are like puppies…

…if you don’t feed them they die. That’s not my line. The inimitable Maggie Fox said it at the PeopleLinx Social Business Roundtable earlier this year in New York City: [Video: PeopleLinx Social Business Roundtable: Insights from Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Dell, JDSupra, and More] Poor puppies aside, the line perfectly captures how important it is… Read more »