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From startup needs to SCOTUS cases in 2014, here’s a look at what captured reader attention last month on JD Supra. Takeaways? Several – and here’s one: if you’re a JD Supra contributor and get a call to participate in one of our weekly Perspectives, jump at it. Our editorial team picks hot topics for their timely series, you can expect to be well read, as below:

  1. 7 Intellectual Property Mistakes Startup Entrepreneurs Often Make – JD Supra Perspectives
  2. Negative Online Reviews: What Both Sides Should Consider Before Jumping Into the Fray – JD Supra Perspectives
  3. 2013 – Consolidation Among Electric and Gas Companies Continues at a Measured Pace – by Baker Botts
  4. Real Money Cannot Be Invented: What Bitcoin & Other Virtual Currencies Need to Be Legitimate – Jason Wisniewski of Dorsey & Whitney writing for JD Supra Perspectives
  5. How’d You Get That Job? Manny Schecter (@MannySchecter), Chief Patent Counsel, IBM – Manny Schecter, In-House Perspectives
  6. How and Why Your Team Is Everything (And Other Essentials for Startup Success…) – JD Supra Perspectives
  7. Nothing Personal: How to be Smart About Your BYOD Workplace Policy (And Why It Matters!) – JD Supra Perspectives
  8. Exhaustion-Of-Administrative-Remedies Requirement Applies If There Is A Public Hearing Before An Agency Determines A Project Is Categorically Exempt From CEQA – Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard
  9. When it’s Time to Fire Your Retirement Plan Providers – Ary Rosenbaum
  10. York University, Religious Accommodation, and the Absence of Bright Lines – Derek Bell at Bennett Jones
  11. Insurance Topics We Will Be Watching in 2014 – Sutherland
  12. Sochi’s First Meme – Derek Allen at Winthrop & Weinstine
  13. U.K. Releases Privacy Guidelines for Mobile App Developers – Ieuan Jolly at Loeb & Loeb
  14. 5 Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid – JD Supra Perspectives
  15. You’re Known By The Company You Keep: Leased Employees – Nicholas Hankey, DLA Piper Labor & Employment Practice
  16. Having Weighed In On Employers’ Social Media Policies, NLRB Rules On Employee Handbooks – Luis Avila and Davis Khorey at Varnum LLP
  17. BB&K’s Isabel Safie Discusses the Implications of IRS’ Definition of Governmental Plan Status – Isabel Safie at Best Best & Krieger
  18. The Transformation of the Workplace Through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation – Littler
  19. Illinois Follows Vapor Intrusion Regulation Trend – James Brusslan at Levenfeld Pearlstein
  20. The Proxy Season Field Guide – Fourth Edition – Morrison & Foerster LLP
  21. Access Of Computer System With Log-In Credentials Is Not Unlawful “Hacking” – Daniel J. McCoy and Dan Ko Obuhanych at Fenwick & West
  22. First Glance: Obama Administration’s Marijuana Guidelines ‘Cold Comfort’ For Banks – Steven Eichorn and Alan S. Kaplinsky for JD Supra Perspectives
  23. Manatt on Medicaid: Medicaid Premium Assistance for Employer-Sponsored Insurance – Deborah Bachrach and Elizabeth Osius at Manatt
  24. Entrepreneurs: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Lawyer – Josh Beser for In-House Perspectives
  25. US Supreme Court Cases to Watch in 2014 – Boris Bershteyn and Allon Kedem at Skadden

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