With @MimesisWebTV Former @BloombergLaw Host Lee Pacchia Brings Video to the Legal Profession

[Link: Dewey Charges Send ‘Warning’ To Struggling Law Firms]

Former lawyer, producer, and WebTV host Lee Pacchia helped build the multimedia team at Bloomberg Law. Over the course of several years, he produced hundreds of video and audio interviews with news makers and thought leaders on a wide range of topics. (During that time, we’ve been happy to host Lee’s videos on JD Supra, included in the Bloomberg mix here.)

Lee left Bloomberg in January, 2014 to start WebTV production company Mimesis Productions.

Mimesis Law is a vertical of Mimesis Productions focusing on — surprise — all things relating to the legal profession. Starting with the Business of Law show, they plan to produce original WebTV programming that speaks to the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. An early example above: Kent Zimmermann, consultant at the Zeughauser Group, talks with Lee about the recent spate of charges filed against former leaders of defunct law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf and what they mean for the rest of BigLaw.

Mimesis also has a content lab which partners with law firms, law schools and legal service providers to design, produce, publish and leverage streams of video content.

Why video? Lee had this to say:

“Video is just beginning to change the way organizations interact with the public. Law firms and law schools need to think about how they can extend their efforts in business development, marketing, public relations and crisis management through carefully constructed video programming. If done well, video content streams can be much more effective than printed word. We are one of the few companies out there that can make sure the right kind of content gets produced and utilized in the most productive manner.”

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