Paul’s Perspective: If You Don’t Know How It Works, Teach Yourself How It Works…

(…and other lessons from Richard Hsu and his HsuTube legal video series.)

I’m not sure I’m willing to call 2013 The Year of the Law Firm Video but I am certain that we saw many great examples of lawyers and law firms testing out the medium in the past twelve months. Video does very well on JD Supra, too, and so we know there’s a growing audience appetite for legal analysis, commentary, and guidance in this exciting digital format.

Indeed, we’ve been lucky to have quite a bit of good video on the site — and that includes attorney Richard Hsu’s video series in which he breaks down complex IP considerations in M&A transactions into easy-to-understand bytes with the help of illustrations from his teenage daughter, Maya.

Richard is a partner at Shearman & Sterling. In the above post, he explains how he came to produce his HsuTube series (and One Page Blog) in the first place. Much inspiration for all of us in Richard’s excellent story told above (especially if you are planning a foray into video or blogging in the new year).

But my favorite takeaway is the very first one and it is simply this: if you don’t know how something works, don’t shy away from it. Jump in feet first. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Richard didn’t start blogging and video-ing because he was adept in these technologies; he jumped in because, in fact, he knew very little about them.

A great lesson for everyone, including partners at BigLaw (like Richard) who are curious about the emerging digital media landscape but aren’t yet certain how they fit into it…

Congratulations Richard and Maya — you’ve produced an interesting (and entertaining!) collection of videos. Here’s to your continued success in the new year!