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 As we rapidly approach the close of 2013, here’s a quick look at some of the top articles to grab reader attention on JD Supra last month. For your interest, great work by smart people, covering privacy, social media issues, hiring and firing, the recent Google Books decision, corporate compliance, cyber bullying, Iran sanctions, Bitcoins, patent trolls, and much more.

November recap – enjoy:

  1. Who Pays When Employees Crash Their Cars After Hours? It Could Be You… – by Brooke Arena, Lindsey Connor Hulse, and Michael Weil in the Orrick Global Employment Group
  2. Alberta’s Highest Court Dismisses Employer’s Appeal In Calf-Roping Case: Agrees That Trial Judge’s Verdict Was Unreasonable – Lindsay Mullen at Dentons
  3. GoldieBlox v. Beastie Boys: Something Here Doesn’t Rhyme – Sarah Feingold for JD Supra In-House Perspectives
  4. Here’s What’s Missing from Your Company’s Social Media Policy – JD Supra Legal Perspectives
  5. It’s Not Just the NSA: Your Keyboard Knows Who You Are, Too – Lance Koonce at Davis Wright Tremaine
  6. Iran Notices Update: SEC-Registered Issuers Continue to Adapt to Their New Normal – Shearman & Sterling LLP
  7. 10 Ways HR Departments Violate the Law Without Realizing It (And What To Do About It) – Rebecca Signer Roche for JD Supra In-House Perspectives
  8. Look Before You Invest: Bitcoins, Virtual Currencies, Emerging Payment Products and Regulatory Compliance – Michael Zeldin, Ian C.B. Spear, and Margo Tank at BuckleySandler
  9. 3 Legal Mistakes Hiring Managers Make In the Employment Process – JD Supra Legal Perspectives
  10. Google Wins Summary Judgment in Books Case – Full Copying to Make Search Snippets Available to End-Users Held Fair Use – Mitchell Zimmerman at Fenwick & West
  11. New Job? Think Twice Before Announcing it via Social Media – Sarah Coffey at Ifrah Law
  12. What’s the One Thing Missing From Your Corporate Compliance Program? – JD Supra Legal Perspectives
  13. Legal Resource Guide for Startup Entrepreneurs – Fenwick & West
  14. Zombies, Ghouls, and Unpaid Wage Claims: The Top 5 HR Horrors This Season – Ogletree Deakins
  15. Yet Another “Patent-Troll” Bill – Senator Leahy Introduces Patent Transparency and Improvements Act – Andrew Williams at MBHB
  16. California School District Enacts Social Media Surveillance To Counter Cyber Bullying – James G. Ryan at Cullen and Dykman LLP
  17. Lawyers and Good Content: Building “Beautiful Relationships” – Alitia Faccone for JD Supra Firm Leadership
  18. Copyright Protection for User Generated Content in Virtual World Confirmed – Marcus Peterson at Pillsbury Social Media, Entertainment, and Technology
  19. The Great Bundled vs. Unbundled 401(k) Provider Debate – by Ary Rosenbaum
  20. How Will the Rise of Google Glass Impact e-Discovery? – Michele Lange at Kroll Ontrack for JD Supra Law Matters
  21. Big Brother is Watching You (Shop For Pants): Mobile analytics firms implement code of conduct for tracking customers while they shop – Jake Romero at Mintz Levin Privacy & Security
  22. How Will the Rise of Google Glass Impact the Food Industry? – Marc Sanchez for JD Supra Law Matters
  23. Some Firings Based on Social Media Use May Be Okay – Stephen Asay at Pillsbury Social Media, Entertainment, and Technology
  24. “There’s a DOL Investigator at My Place of Business … What Do I Do?” Five Tips on How to Deal When the DOL Comes Knocking – Eric Su at Ogletree Deakins
  25. Mandatory Pilot Obesity/Sleep Apnea Screening: New FAA Policy Thumbs Its Nose at New Federal Commercial Driver Transportation Law – Dale Deitchler at Littler

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