What Makes Some Content More Popular Than Others?

Great question: what does make some content pieces more popular than others? Throughout this year my colleague, Adrian Lurssen, has been sharing his answer in a case study that arose out of an assignment for the LMA national conference last April: present anything you want on content marketing best practices, but do it in no more than ten minutes.

Adrian took on the assignment by looking at law firm coverage of a significant change in the U.S. patent system (from “first to invent” to “first to file”). Many firms published advisories on the change, one update in particular did very well in the mix. And so, taken from a recent quarterly marketing webinar from the International Lawyers Network, here’s Adrian’s look at “popular content” — with larger editorial and content marketing best practice insights in the mix.

As Adrian says in his intro above, this ILN webinar is a little like adding hot water to a bouillon cube — his ten-minute presentation has been expanded from the original, with a look not only at why content is popular, but how it is popular, too. Some takeaways:

  • Today, everyone is in the content business, but not everyone has something to say (law firms producing compelling, accessible content stand to benefit)
  • Good content is often shared by new media, traditional media, executives, referral sources, other lawyers  … all helping to spread the word on the expertise contained within your firm
  • We are inundated with information all day, every day. A good title doesn’t only tell us what we’ll get when we click a link, it tells us why to click in the first place
  • Law firms and lawyers aren’t in the business of breaking news. Their job is to help people make sense of the news now that it has broken.
  • Don’t write about the law; write about how the law affects the people you serve.

You can watch and listen to the presentation in full, above. A note of big thanks to ILN’s legal marketer extraordinaire and our friend, Lindsay Griffiths, for hosting (and recording) this webinar with Adrian.