Paul’s Perspective: Write Early, Write Often…

One update is good. Several updates are much better…

You’ve probably heard this piece of content marketing advice before, said one way or another. When it comes to showcasing your expertise through your writing, try to “go big” on a particular topic. The more you write on a matter, the more chances you have of being discovered by new readers who care about what you have to say.

Some people dedicate entire blogs to a niche subject and that’s a smart approach, but you can also “cast a wide net” with your content simply by writing a series of posts on an issue. One good example:

Over the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed a social media series written by Fernando Bohorquez, Jr. and Alan Pate, attorneys at BakerHostetler. The title of their four-part series, used as a prefix in every update, makes it very clear who Bohorquez and Pate are writing for: Legal concepts every social media marketer should know…

…and then, each part tackles a different legal concept. Namely:

(The last in the series is yet to be published; when it’s up, I’ll include it here.)

Your readers are busy – and they’re inundated by information from all quarters. By turning the above posts into a four-part, themed series, attorneys Bohorquez and Pate have managed to sustain the spotlight on a particular issue (legal concepts for social media marketers) for which they’d like to be known. Not only that, as mentioned above, the series title calls out the audience by name – and that is smart content strategy.

We hear time again that it’s good to repurpose your content – and it is! No question. But also: repurpose the issues. If you have the time for it, don’t just write one post and move on. Circle back, turn what you are writing into a series; make each post a short, digestible amount of information. When you’re done, collect what you have written into an e-book and send it to your clients. They’ll appreciate the convenience. And, if you find you’ve tapped into a rich mine, turn the topic into a blog.

In short, use content to own your niche. It’s a great, sustained way to connect with the people you’d like to reach.


[Paul’s Perspective is a quick hit from JD Supra’s client services director, Paul Ryplewski, highlighting how our clients use content well to further their online initiatives. Expect a different spotlight with each column.]