Paul’s Perspective: Law Firm Video Done Right…

[Paul’s Perspective is a quick hit from JD Supra’s client services director, Paul Ryplewski, highlighting how our clients use content well to further their online initiatives. Expect a different spotlight with each column.]

Around here we tend to think of video as something that does not necessarily replace long form writing. Instead, often video simply gives people a good reason to read further. In our world (of substantive legal commentary and analysis), we see video qualifying readers. (One measure: we often find that when we combine video and text in a post such as this one, the readers who watch the video and then click the text links below it tend to spend significant time on the subsequent pages they visit.)

Apparently appetites for video and text are different. We’re all told time and again that the former is best when short and to the point. The latter (especially when explaining complicated legal issues) is by its very nature … longer. This makes for a good relationship when the two are available side by side.

All of this to say that over the past week I’ve really been enjoying the stream of new Mintz Levin videos to hit JD Supra. They’re well produced, a nice addition to the firm’s body of written work, and, in my estimation, a great example of how law firms might use video to showcase attorney and practice group expertise.

In fact, the following video has been one of the most well-viewed pieces of content on JD Supra this week – and with good reason. In just ninety seconds Mintz attorney Alden Bianchi  manages to clearly explain what we can expect of health plans, going forward, now that we have the Affordable Care Act.

Mintz Levin’s videos are all available on the firm’s JD Supra portfolio (and in respective subject centers throughout the site). Check them out. They’re good. A few to get you started:

Paul Ryplewski