Social channels are like puppies…

…if you don’t feed them they die.

That’s not my line. The inimitable Maggie Fox said it at the PeopleLinx Social Business Roundtable earlier this year in New York City:

[Video: PeopleLinx Social Business Roundtable: Insights from Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Dell, JDSupra, and More]

Poor puppies aside, the line perfectly captures how important it is to engage in our social channels — which is why it caught my attention when I first saw it tweeted by someone during the conference.

But listen (in the video above) to what Maggie says right before and after the puppies line. The full quote starts at around the 2:15 mark:

...the biggest one is content. Nobody has enough content. You’ve got social channels, they’re like puppies. If you don’t feed them, they die. Brands aren’t in the business of creating content, so different models, different structures, different partnerships [are being formed] in order to increase content production in order to give you what you need to engage online. Critical…

The entire video recap above is worth a watch, but I wanted to make special note of this particular observation by Maggie. It rings true at JD Supra because we see this opportunity for creators of quality content play out daily, as all manner of readers use work on our site to engage their own channels, their own audiences, their own readers.

If you’ve ever heard my colleague Adrian Lurssen speak (he also appears in the the roundtable video above), you’ve probably heard him say it this way:

Thanks to the social nature of the Internet, it’s never been easier to say something. That’s not the same thing as actually having something to say. The people who stand to benefit the most are the ones with something to say…

So who has something to say? Well, in our experience, lawyers do. Certainly that’s what our readers indicate as they engage with the work on JD Supra – and as we see brands, member associations, professional groups, new media outlets, traditional media, and many many others (in short: anyone with social channels they work hard to grow) share our work as they find it, or contact us to discuss ways we might deliver JD Supra content via partnership.

Your readers have readers of their own

Exciting times at the intersection of social engagement and content marketing – we’re happy to be representing some of the smartest legal minds whose analysis and commentary gets them the attention they deserve as people read, share, share, and share again.

Gina Ponticello, director of publishing partnerships