Does Your Firm Have a Chief Content Officer? And 5 Other Great Content Marketing Reads…

My colleagues at JD Supra have been sharing around a number of great posts recently, all to do with different aspects of content marketing and strategy. Not all of these are written specifically with law firms in mind, but they certainly have takeaways that matter to the legal landscape. I thought you might like to see some of the best posts. And so, for your reference:

Content marketing reads as seen recently by team JD Supra>>

By Barry Lowenthal, president of The Media Kitchen, writing on Adweek: “[A head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution] should be at least vp level and report to the CMO. It makes sense that this person live in marketing, but he or she is going to have to build relationships and bridges to every part of the organization and teach companies to think about all published materials as content. Very importantly, they must evangelize the importance of content in driving business results and help the entire company think about whether or not a piece of content is worth sharing.”

By Lindsay Griffiths of the International Lawyers Network: “…a client wants to feel comfortable that their lawyer understands them, their business, and what keeps them up at night, and will help them to implement the solutions that are needed in a way (and at a cost) that makes the most sense for their individual situation. Creating content can help to deliver the message of the type of lawyer you are, and once it’s written, it’s out there speaking for you while you’re focused on other things. Billable-type things.”

By Jayson DeMers on Forbes. Lots of smart thinking in this overview of owned, earned, and bought media (and how your content strategy should take all into account): “…finding ways to integrate content marketing with more traditional marketing initiatives allows companies to scale these efforts. Messages across channels become more tightly-focused. Brands and ideas show up in a variety of places, hitting what entrepreneur Tim Ferriss has called ‘surround sound’ and what Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn called ‘The Be Everywhere Strategy.'”

Heather Morse’s response to a post by the folks at SCOTUSblog, writing about the value of having a legal blog in the first place. “Blogs are about value, and education. They are about telling the story you want the general counsel to read as they are doing their due diligence on the attorney and the firm. They are about having the right results on page one when your name is Googled.” [Related, see Nancy Myrland’s take on the issue with Lawyers: Content, The Digital Breadcrumbs You Need To Spread]

…and last but not least, this from my colleague Adrian Lurssen:

“One hundred years ago, instead of waiting for housewives to buy a cookbook that they might or might not see when they next happened to be in a grocery store, Jell-O created their own visibility. They delivered the cookbook, door to door. Likewise, today, instead of waiting for people hopefully to find and read your content, smart distribution puts your work in front of the people you want to reach…”