What Do The LinkedIn InApp Changes Mean to JD Supra Users?

Yesterday LinkedIn began notifying users of improvements to their profiles, including an end to the InApp program. What does this mean for JD Supra’s ‘Legal Updates’ app users?

In short: it’s all good! The changes on LinkedIn provide our users with a more integrated way to promote their JD Supra content on the professional networking platform without requiring anyone to take the additional step of installing an app to do it. A more detailed explanation of the changes below:

1. Legal Updates on Your LinkedIn Profile

We’ve been working actively with LinkedIn in advance of the new profile launch to integrate JD Supra content into the new scheme. It is, frankly, an impressive upgrade, and we expect it to generate even more visibility for our users’ content on their profiles. The app is indeed going away, but JD Supra content will remain on LinkedIn profiles.

The underpinning technology used to integrate JD Supra content on the “new” LinkedIn profiles also has uses well beyond LinkedIn — and we are looking forward to rolling out a series of upgrades on JD Supra itself as a consequence. Stay tuned for more on that.

2. Network Sharing

The connection between LinkedIn and JD Supra remains. If you have tethered your two accounts (easily done by logging in to JD Supra), with each upload on JD Supra, your content still will be promoted to your network on LinkedIn. And, in fact, within the next few weeks, all law firms using JD Supra will be able to easily promote their individual author-attorneys directly on LinkedIn. You can expect to see that major upgrade from us shortly.

3. Targeted Readership

Over the years, our “Legal Updates” LinkedIn app has brought us close to 100,000 subscribers, professionals who have become regular, weekly readers of law firm updates and advisories on all the topics that matter to them. The single biggest driver of visibility in that regard has been weekly email digests that were part of our “Legal Updates” offering. Those emails, and those subscribers, are not going away – and we will continue to deliver your content to a targeted LinkedIn-derived readership in the industries and professions you serve.

Additionally, LinkedIn remains the platform of choice for many of our other subscribers (totaling approximately 300,000, they include in-house counsel, c-level executives, senior managers, media members, other lawyers, etc.). On a daily basis we see active sharing to LinkedIn groups and networks by these subscribers. As a consequence, LinkedIn remains one of the largest referrers of direct traffic to JD Supra content every day. We expect that only to improve (as it has with each new LinkedIn feature) with this latest round of upgrades on the platform.

4. The Big Picture

Personally, I find one of the more interesting (even exciting) aspects of building JD Supra today is the ability to watch what amounts to a pitched battle between the major platforms as they work to create value and grow their own user numbers. Users of platform-neutral sites such as JD Supra stand only to benefit from such innovations. Our focus is meaningful visibility of legal expertise, and we look to make that happen wherever targeted readers gather – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, news sites, mobile, and places elsewhere. (One recent example: Twitter Cards – whereby JD Supra video and text is now viewable to readers directly within the Twitter platform. Immediate result has been: more views.) Over the past year, we have been very pleased to see LinkedIn fully embrace the notion of content sharing among professionals (with the rise of LinkedIn Today and other such features)  — and traffic back to your content on JD Supra has only increased (dramatically) as a consequence.

We are of course sad to see our app disappear along with the entire InApp program on LinkedIn, however “content visibility” has always been at the heart of our offering, and now we’ll be able to provide that without requiring anyone to take the additional step of installing an app to do it. Even better.

5. Next Steps

LinkedIn will be rolling out profile changes over the coming days. As timing allows, we will be in touch with our app users, showing you how your content now integrates into the new profile, and outlining what to do to keep that in place.

Please send any questions in the meantime.