Q: What Do You Call a Lawyer Not Practicing Law? [Video]

A: poet, master of wine, filmmaker, chief creative officer, baker, crossword puzzle editor …

We’ve been enjoying Bloomberg Law’s Stealth Lawyer video series of interviews between Spencer Mazyck and lawyers who’ve transitioned to other endeavors beyond the practice of law. You  might know some of these folks, each with their own interesting story. Meet:

Will Shortz, New York Times crossword puzzle editor:

Warren Brown, founder and owner of CakeLove bakeries:

Colen Wiley, award-winning writer and filmmaker:

Alex Patterson, chief creative officer of the 10-12 mile obstacle course competition Tough Mudder:

Lisa Granik, master of wine and founder of Tastingworks:

My favorite stealth lawyer is the great American poet, Wallace Stevens. You can meet him and other figures in this survey of History’s Stealth Lawyers:

Thanks, Team Bloomberg! And speaking of the great poet:

“That generation’s dream, aviled
In the mud, in Monday’s dirty light,

That’s it, the only dream they knew,
Time in its final block, not time

To come, a wrangling of two dreams.
Here is the bread of time to come,

Here is its actual stone. The bread
Will be our bread, the stone will be

Our bed and we shall sleep by night.
We shall forget by day, except

The moments when we choose to play
The imagined pine, the imagined jay.”

– Wallace Stevens, from The Man With the Blue Guitar