How Do You Strike the Balance Between First and Being Right in Today’s Media?

Just in: Bloomberg Law’s excellent, wide-ranging interview with NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg. We used Lee Pacchia’s first question as the title of this blog post; the topic at hand? Obviously last month’s coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obama health care decision

Pacchia’s 14-minute interview with Totenberg touches upon a range of SCOTUS-related issues, including news stories/leaks to do with Chief Justice Roberts. From Bloomberg (bold ours):

“Media reports about Chief Justice John Roberts changing his mind while
deliberating about the Obama health care cases are unprecedented because
they’ve come so quickly after the decision was issued, [Totenberg] says.
Sources for the stories could be a justice, one of the law clerks or
even a spouse of a justice
, she speculates…”

Link to the video:

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