JD Supra’s Law News Blogs

Screen shot 2012-06-07 at 5.58.32 PM.pngDo you read JD Supra’s law news blogs? Check ’em out:

In our ongoing work to bring law firm publications to online readers, over the past several months we’ve launched a series of blogs with their own broad legal focus. On each you will find news roundups and commentary fueled by the excellent advisories and updates published daily on JD Supra:

Small Business Support:

As the name suggests, a news resource focused on issues for small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone else interested in workplace concerns, labor and employment, copyrights, taxes, and the like. The blog runs on a WordPress theme we developed in-house. For your reference, here’s a look at the top 10 Small Biz posts for last month>>

Corporate Law Report:

Sister site to Small Business Support, run on the same WordPress theme, here’s a resource for executives, in-house counsel, business leaders, and others interested in corporate law topics. Find content here from some of the world’s leading law firms. For your reference: top Corp Law Report posts for last month>>

Is That Legal?

We run this blog on Tumblr (customized a theme on that platform) where we see a good number of readers for the type of work you’ll find here: news and commentary on personal and consumer-related legal issues that matter to everyone. We cover all manner of topics on Is That Legal?, including privacy, bankruptcy, family law, real estate, social media, and so forth. (A most-viewed list for the last month is forthcoming.)

We are big fans of Tumblr and have launched a series of focused micro-blogs on the platform, with more to come. My personal favorite is our Buzz blog, where we report on what’s trending or noteworthy on the JD Supra network at any given moment. (My favorite, because regularly we post a True or False? In Law… roundup of recent contributor content. Always fun to put together the “quiz” and find a worthwhile musical accompaniment to end the week…)

Other Tumblr microblogs of ours, running on the same customized theme: their names should give away the topic covered by each – Hiring & Firing and Corporate Compliance Report.

Stay tuned for more. And a shout out to @LanceGodard who does much of the editorial legwork for these blogs. We’re looking for guest authors – please let Lance know if you’d like to write a guest post for one of our publications.