What Do Your Clients Expect of You? [Video]

…ask them! That’s what law firm Sands Anderson did – and here, in two video takes, is what they learned:

Links to the two videos:

And for your convenience, a handful of quotes/takeaways from both videos:

  • “We count on our attorneys to support us and give us the right advice and the guidance to make the decisions we need to grow…”
  • “I feel comfortable calling my attorneys at different times to bounce ideas of them, ask questions, help them support me…”
  • “Incredible follow-up, incredible follow-through…”
  • “I love a firm that has focus behind their expertise and they continue to get better in that area…”
  • “[Our law firm] works with us to help our clients… our clients love you guys.”
  • “We know many of you personally. We know that behind the professional firm there are people of good value who believe in taking care of others.”

In short: Support. Guidance. Trust.

Sands Anderson PC is based in Virginia and North Carolina. If you haven’t yet seen marketing director Russell Lawson’s video explanation of how he motivates the firm’s attorneys in their online efforts, you should watch it now.