Social Media for Lawyers: You Should See…

[Link: Shauna Causey, Social Media Rockstar, Explains Using Personality to Connect to Clients]

Starting with the above video (part of LexBlog’s excellent coverage of the recent Avvocating conference in Seattle) here’s a roundup of recent posts on JD Supra offering insights to lawyers and law firms who want to make good use of social media in their online efforts.

For your interest:

Connecting Dots: Practical examples of how social media can work in the law-firm sales funnel (Steve M. Bell, Womble Carlyle):

“At Womble Carlyle, we have been considering how to transition one group
of lawyers serving a slowing marketplace into a new and
at-least-somewhat-related marketplace that might make good use of their
skills and not require a complete re-tooling. Naturally, as we
contemplated this strategic repositioning, we tapped the familiar
sources of such business information.  But because of the existence of
social media, we were able to add an additional layer of understanding.
It’s amazing what one can learn about a new industry or legal sector…” Read Steve’s entire piece>>

[Also from Steve: Web 1.0 is decadent and depraved and Fear and Loathing on Web 2.0]

How Law Firms #fail at Social Med (Steve Matthews):

“Before we can talk about law firms’ social media failures, we weed to
know what exactly we mean by “success.” Experience has taught us a few
things about successful participation online for both law firms and
their lawyers. Success follows law firms that constantly consider and
plan their substantive message and focus on bringing that message to an
audience where it can resonate…” Read Steve’s entire piece>>

Social Media for Attorneys: Tips for Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn (Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute)

“LinkedIn Signal – build new connections by seeing who is talking about news in your practice area by switching the search bar on your LinkedIn page to “Updates”. Narrow your search by region, company, etc. by checking off the boxes on the left…” See all of Stephen’s post>>

[Also by Stephen: Law Firm Marketing: Why Attorneys Should Care About Google+]

Aside: the remainder of articles in this post were in fact not written by people named Steve or Stephen. Should that, you know, make any significant difference to your further reading pleasure:

5 Things Attorneys Need to Know About Social Media (by April Besl at Dinsmore & Shohl):

“Social media isn’t something that can be pigeonholed into one segment or
area of yours or your client’s business. Instead, it impacts every
facet of the business, from human resources and marketing/advertising to
research & development, and routine operating decisions. Even if
you or your clients are only using social media for occasional free
advertising, the employees of your organizations are using social media
daily, bringing with that new issues in labor, intellectual property,
corporate and other areas of the law that must be addressed…” Read April’s entire post>>

Bloggers: Want Some Tips on Engaging Your Readers? (Cordell Parvin):

“You can write 100 briefs without using the pronouns ‘me’ or ‘I’ and that’s fine. But a blog is an opportunity to connect with the reader on a more personal level. You do that by sharing your own experiences, being conversational, and (assuming you have one and it’s not detestable) letting your personality show…” Read Cordell’s entire piece>>

Are Social Media Worth Your Time? (Adrian Dayton):

“More than half of firms surveyed received leads on new matters and 41 percent reported that social media and blogging brought in between $5,000 and $200,000 in new business. So what was different about the firms that reported success and the ones that did not?” Read Adrian’s entire piece>>

[Video] Attorney Ethics in the Realm of Social Media: Josh King, VP of Business Development & General Counsel at Avvo (LXBN):

Another video from LexBlog’s Avvocating coverage: “So often when we talk about legal marketing ethics and social media, we
start with the risks, the pitfalls. It was refreshing then when Josh
King, General Counsel at Avvo, remindinded those in attendance at the
opening session of Day 2 at Avvocating 2012 that attorneys have every
right to use social media to enhance their practices. Though some states
have somewhat ridiculous regulations on attorney advertising, it is
actually very hard to restrict speech so long as it isn’t ‘commercial
language’…” Watch the entire interview>>

Finally, also see: Developing Your Social Media Strategy, slides from a panel at the West LegalEdCenter Social and Digital Media conference in New York in 2011 (incl. yours truly, Jayne Navarre, Brian Wassom, and John Hellerman).

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