Allen Matkins on: Legal Marketing with Law Firm Video

Have you seen any of the videos produced by California-based law firm Allen Matkins? I recommend them.

In fact, I suggest starting with the above — it’s an in-house look at how the AmLaw firm got into video production in the first place. Created to mark their recent “Your Honor” award for interactive marketing from the Legal Marketing Association, it’s an excellent showcase for any CMO or MD who might be considering video for their law firm.

Allen Matkins decided to take the plunge into video at the end of 2010. As the firm’s marketing & biz dev director Adam Stock points out, they started with an experiment, a question: what does the video version of a normal law firm communication look like?

Stock hired a former television news journalist and initially the firm produced eight videos. Now, just over a year into it, Allen Matkins has more than 100 well-produced (and well-received) videos in their archive. You can hear more about the process – and the results – in the clips above.

And once you’re done with that, check out the following – recent examples of the Allen Matkins video production team doing what they do well:

[Link: Sackett v EPA – Supreme Court Authorizes Pre-Enforcement Review of Clean Water Act Compliance Orders – David Cooke…]

[Link: California Redevelopment Agency Update: The Implications of the Matosantos Decision…]

[Video Link: Free Speech and Shopping Malls: Resources to Help Landlords and Property Owners Stay Compliant…]

Watch additional Allen Matkins video on the firm’s JD Supra portfolio, or on its video-friendly website, as referenced above.

As Adam Stock said in his showcase video: “One of the big challenges in selling legal services is that you are selling individuals, and unlike a product you can’t put ’em in a box.”

Attorney-centric video updates and analysis (just like those produced by Allen Matkins) certainly help to overcome this challenge. Some firms start by hiring broadcast journalists and setting up their own digital media studios. Others start with a single recording on an iPhone video camera.

In the coming weeks, we’ll feature other firms distributing their excellent videos on JD Supra. Stay tuned. And if you have video to post, get in touch