JD Supra News: LexisNexis; Video; New Document Formats

What’s new at JD Supra? Quite a lot, actually. Here’s a quick recap of the latest exciting developments  – thanks for reading:

Got Video?

On Monday we rolled out our latest product development: video hosting and distribution. Now, along with legal articles, newsletters, whitepapers, court filings, alerts, blog posts, and other publications, law firms can include video in their JD Supra portfolios. As with text-based content, Pro Member videos are distributed in our various subscriber channels, including on LinkedIn via the Legal Updates application. (Videos can be played directly within the application on LinkedIn, too!)  At launch, we are serving up terrific video by Womble Carlyle, Allen Matkins, Loeb & Loeb, Dechert, Sands Anderson, Bloomberg Law, and MarketsReformWiki … with others on the way. Our editorial team is happily using the videos in their news roundups – and I’ll embed one below in this post. Why? Because I can.

A LexisNexis Partnership

Yesterday we announced a partnership with LexisNexis, whereby JD Supra will enhance the company’s new Social Media Visibility offering for small firms and solo attorneys. We’ll be hosting and distributing blog posts from LexisNexis customers and, as I said in yesterday’s press release, we are always happy to share legal insights and commentary with our broader audience. In lead up to this announcement, we’ve been running a few test accounts on behalf of Lexis clients – the content is good, and our readers appear to agree. You can read news of the partnership here: LexisNexis Inks Deal with JD Supra to Power Distribution of Law Firm Blog Content to Wider Network of Social Media Sites

New Content Formatting

This week we also added new formatting to our document view pages. Now, our contributor’s publications can be displayed in full HTML (versus PDF embed), depending on the nature of the original post. Obviously, HTML rendering is a clean and easy way to reproduce the growing amount of blog posts and other content that come to us originally in HTML. Over the years we’ve heard from our readers that they appreciate the PDF formatting as well – corporate researchers in particular find it easy to compile and share our PDFs on any given topic – and so we have kept that formatting option. (Besides, many white papers and in-depth reports originate as PDFs in the first place.) We also have .DOC embed available for the court filings that pass through our system. Over the coming weeks, you’ll see more and more JD Supra content rendered in pure HTML.

That’s it from us. Thank you for reading. And, now,  also watching! In particular, this interesting video item from Bloomberg on law school class action suits:

best wishes,
Aviva Cuyler
JD Supra CEO & Founder