2012 Laws: Updates To Ring In the New Year


Out with the old, in with the new. A splendid end-of-year sentiment to be considered between glasses of champagne (or non-alcoholic sparkling cider, if you prefer)…

However, when the ‘new’ includes new laws, rules, and regulations it usually means you need to stay apprised of the changes and how they affect the way you do business, or live your life.

And so, from JD Supra, a year-end update of 2012 updates:

Here’s what lawyers and law firms have been writing about new laws for 2012. Included below: roundups we’ve published throughout December on our business law blogs…

Blog Roundups

Employers & Business Owners: Are You Ready for 2012? (Small Business Support)

NLRB Poster Rule Delayed. Again. [New date: April 30, 2012] (Small Business Support)

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Takes Effect January 1, 2012 (Corporate Law Report)

Doing Business in California in 2012: Do You Know These New Laws? (Small Business Support)

Changes to 401(k), ERISA, and Health Care Plans in 2012: Are You Ready? (Small Business Support)

Federal Rule Bans Cell Phone Use by Commercial Drivers [As of January 3, 2012] (Small Business Support)

Proxy Voting: Institutional Shareholder Services 2012 Guidelines Released (Corporate Law Report)

Russia and the WTO: Accession Means Trade Barriers Lowered, IP Protections Raised, More… (Corporate Law Report)

Additional, Recent Law Firm Updates

Significant Changes To California Employment Law Effective January 1, 2012 (Bryan Cave)

2012 California Construction Law Update (Farella Braun + Martel)

Ohio Minimum Wage Increases Effective January 1, 2012 (Fisher & Phillips)

Group Health Plans: Year-End Action Items, Upcoming Changes (Morgan Lewis)

Outlook for 2012 After the Death of the Super Committee (Marc J. Lane)

Predicting Where the South Florida (Miami) Economy Will Be in 2012 (Rosa Eckstein Shechter) 

Social Security Tax Break Temporarily Extended (Ford & Harrison)

Top Ten Tax Tips for 2012 (Darrin Mish) 
New Year, New Rules [re: Employee Handbooks] (Kristin Simpsen, McAfee & Taft)

Congress, President Extend Endangered Medicare and Medicaid Programs (McDermott)

CMS Issues Proposed Sunshine Act Regulations (Duane Morris)

Wave of Legislation, Case Law is Poised to Alter the Environment for Tort Cases in 2012 (Daniel E. Cummins)

Software Audits Will Increase In 2012: How Targets Can Prepare (Scott & Scott)

Postage Rates May Significantly Increase in 2012 Affecting The Cost Of Sending Notices (zLien)

All I Want for Christmas is a New Radio Station: Window for FM Auction Opens Jan. 3 (Davis Wright Tremaine)

California Amendment Mandates A.G. Notification For Major Data Breaches (Loeb & Loeb LLP)

We’ll add new updates as they come in. See you in the New Year!