Now You Know: The Buzz on JD Supra

For your interest, a glance at some of the latest activity on JD Supra this week:

Yesterday we welcomed New York-based law firm White & Case LLP to the JD Supra network. One of the world’s leading law firms, White & Case joins an ever-growing number of Am Law firms using JD Supra to publish and distribute their legal updates to targeted audiences online.

We also welcomed MarketsReformWiki to JD Supra this week: “The financial markets are facing hundreds of
rule changes from the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as from the European Union
and across Asia. MarketsReformWiki aims to pull all rule filings, news
releases, comment letters, position papers, white papers and other
publicly available information together in one central location that is
easily accessed and searched.”

MarketReformsWiki will share their own original publications on JD Supra, and (we’re pleased to say) also will be featuring related law firm updates from JD Supra’s Finance & Banking center on their site. You can already see JD Supra legal updates supplementing the content on over 100 market reform topics here

Earlier this week we launched our latest blog focused on legal news and updates for specific readers. Is That Legal? will feature posts on personal and consumer-focused issues of concern to everyone: estate planning, bankruptcy, social media law, consumer protection, personal rights, family law, and much more.

Speaking of which, updates this week on our two business law blogs>>

[Small Business:] social media law updates, H1-B visa cap reached, how to protect your company’s IP

[Corporate Law:] a seasonal PSA from your HR folks, update on FINRA rules & regulations, and a broad employment law roundup covering exempt employees, NLRB union election rules, and more…

This week, after the arrival of Toronoto-based firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, we introduced some of the other Canadian lawyers and law firms publishing on JD Supra, eh…

It being the start of a new month, we also published the latest most-viewed documents list. Tax exemptions, estate planning, bankruptcy rules, employee
misclassification, immigration issues, nonprofit governance, Facebook
e-discovery, medical marijuana, and more … it’s all in there!

And on the topic of content, we’ve scheduled our next webinar dedicated entirely to the subject of legal content for online visibility. Join us. Mark your calendars – Tuesday, Dec. 13, 9:30am PST. Invite lawyers and marketers in your firm…

What else? Our Google Plus page continues to grow. Are you on G+ (yet)? Circle JD Supra+ for law news updates and more on that new and ever-expanding platform. We’ve also been encouraging our readers to follow JD Supra on LinkedIn Today, should you care to join us there.

(BTW: we’re also considering training carrier pigeons to bring legal updates to those of you not yet on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. But given the results of early training exercises, we anticipate only rolling out our pigeon fleet in – oh – 2017. At the earliest.)

This week we also learned a thing or two along the way. Including, since you asked: Showing Pictures of Your Boyfriend’s Privates Will Doom Your FMLA Lawsuit (or Any Other Lawsuit).

Just saying.

And finally, we rolled out our latest JD Supra user case study video. From Fina Wert, marketing director at McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC:

Enjoy the weekend – we’ll see you next week…