JD Supra News Roundup: Top Business Law Posts for the Week

iStock_000012832145XSmall.jpgPatent reform, crowdfunding, social media policies, employee rights, cloud computing … for your reference, here’s a quick look at the top-viewed legal roundups on our Small Business Support blog for this past week:

  1. Patent Reform: 5 Ways You Can Expect Patent Litigation to Change
  2. Crowdfunding: The Future of Startup Financing?
  3. What Do Employment Law and Cookies Have In Common, Exactly?
  4. Employment Background Checks: 5 Things You Can and Cannot Do
  5. Social Media Policies: Is Your Procrastination Putting Your Company at Risk?
  6. Private Employers Must Post Notice of Employee Rights – NLRB Final Rule
  7. Cloud Computing and Security: Know Your Risks Before You Jump In
  8. Protecting Your Brand in the .XXX Age: 8 Things To Know
  9. Why Your Business Needs a Computer Use Policy
  10. Employee Theft and Fraud in the Workplace: Legal Considerations

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