3 to Read … On Marketing with Worthwhile Content

iStock_000016249546XSmall.jpgFor your reference, here are three recent articles to do with Content Marketing that are worth your attention. Each underscores in its own way the importance of creating and distributing valuable content as part of your law firm’s marketing strategy.

I’ve highlighted some takeaways after the links – I suggest reading each post in full when you have the time:

1. 10 Tips for Better Content Marketing

Mikal Belicove’s follow-up to his earlier piece (Why Content is King) in Entrepreneur magazine. You’ll find solid tips listed here to do with diversifying your content, writing on evergreen topics, creating a calendar, curating your publications, and more. Here’s one of Mikal’s rules that can’t be overstated:

4. Distribution rules: If content is king, then distribution is the ace. Putting content in front of the right consumers — and lots of them — is key. Without traffic, your content is worthless. This means distributing your content using social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, aligning with the right content curators and securing links from relevant sites.”

2. Three Things Marketers Can Learn From a Law Firm (Yes, a Law Firm) About Creating Awesome Content

Published by MarketingProfs earlier this week, a terrific profile of Chicago law firm Levenfield Pearlstein’s content marketing efforts, with a particular emphasis on what the firm is doing with videos. Short answer: they’re using videos to humanize their lawyers with behind-the-scenes vignettes:

“In one vignette, Steven Bright, a partner in the Banking & Finance Service and the Real Estate & Finance Practice groups, talks about what he was like as a child. In another, Lisa Vandesteeg, an associate in the firm’s Litigation, Bankruptcy, and Restructuring and Insolvency Practice Groups, gives a tour of her office. Visitors sometimes tease her for her stockpile of diplomas and awards on the wall, Lisa says before she shows off her proudest professional accomplishment: Her trophy earned for spanking her colleagues in the firm’s annual chili cookoff…”

The videos appear on lawyer profile pages on the firm’s website. “‘We saw these videos both as a way to differentiate who we are, and also to start the relationship off right,’ Andrea said, adding, “They’re a way to tell our story.'”

3. Content Marketing Strategies of the 7 Media Giants

Really, what you should do is simply connect to Joe Pulizzi’s Content Marketing Institute (source of this third post) and read everything they publish; the site is a regular source of high quality writing on marketing with content. I chose this particular post for a number of reasons, not the least being the point that ‘content’ is by no means limited to text:

“The lesson to learn from the Big 7 and apply to your own content
marketing efforts is to use every form of content (and every angle) you
can to promote your product or service. In fact, the more ways you use
content the better..”

A good reminder of the four basic types of content, most of which can be leveraged by lawyers and law firms. Quote:


  • Online: blogs, micromessaging (e.g., Twitter), social networking sites (Facebook & Google+), your website.
  • Offline: books, articles, reports, newsletters.


  • Online: podcasting, online radio, MP3s.
  • Offline: CDs, MP3s.


  • Online: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Offline: DVDs, TV, movies, etc.


  • Online: webinars, teleconferences.
  • Offline: seminars, interviews, etc.

As I put together this Friday reading list, I came across one more post on law firm content marketing, from writer Janet Ellen Raasch. Your bonus link – have a good weekend:

Content marketing and web analytics: The yin and yang of any successful law firm marketing campaign