Law Firm Marketing Checklist: 5 Ways to Optimize Your JD Supra Efforts This Fall

iStock_000004050558XSmall.jpgHear that pleasant, early fall sound of wind in the trees? Lovely isn’t it? Could be a number of things:

1.) Literally, it could be the pleasant, early fall sound of wind in the trees; or 2.) the last of hurricane Irene as she slinks off into history; or more likely 3) the sighs of parents across the country as their children finally head back to school. (Related: could also be the sighs of school buses pausing on street corners everywhere to collect said children.)

What we don’t want

We don’t want that terrific sigh to be the sound of air leaking from your well-pressurized marketing tires. (Humor me, it works with the school bus metaphor.)

With that in mind, we’ve put together a fall checklist for you: 5 ways to optimize your JD Supra efforts as you prepare for a busy, productive, and successful fall season. Without further ado:

1. Study your analytics

What: Make a habit of logging in to JD Supra and looking at your document and profile views.

Why: for one thing, you’ll be able to see which of your publications are generating the most attention for you on the JD Supra network. Make note of: the topic, how you wrote the title, any particular angle the author-attorney took in the piece. You are looking at proven examples of online visibility for your attorneys and practice groups. Consider how to turn your most popular documents into writing assignments for the fall.

Bonus: working with an attorney who never seems to have time to write what needs to be written? Send out an internal report of which lawyers have generated the most attention on JD Supra. Nothing like healthy competition (or positive reinforcement) to get people writing.

2. Read the Trend Reports

What: as Pro account holders know, once a month we issue reports of what’s trending in particular practice areas. Included: employment, IP, finance and banking, insurance, real estate, personal/family law, business law, and others. Look for the monthly notification (arrives via email). Read the reports; share the relevant ones with your attorney-writers and/or practice groups.

Why: we’ve combed through numerous sources in our own ever-expanding network, on news sites, and places elsewhere to tell you two things: 1) what topics are interesting to readers right now, and 2) how your attorneys might address those topics. We’re helping you to increase chances of online visibility (including media pickup and network spread) of your content – a good place to start as you build your fall marketing and editorial schedule.

Bonus: we’ve begun to email select, practice-specific contributors with calls for work throughout the month (between the release of trend reports), whenever we see the opportunity for exposure as our readers respond to particular breaking news. Drop me a line if you’d like to be on the list for such calls.

3. Get Social with Your Content

What: by now you undoubtedly have some combination of the following: a LinkedIn company profile, a firm Twitter account, a firm Facebook page. Drop me a line to be sure that we are automatically feeding your JD Supra publications to those social outposts on your behalf. I have a number of examples to show you (from Amlaw 100 firms to solo attorneys) of how we help to make your content social.

Why: we work hard to bring your work to our audience(s). We also have the ability to deliver your publications to  your own audiences, your own social channels. It’s painless and one more way to ensure that your legal work is being read by a willing and interested audience. Better than a dusty Twitter account with several hundred followers and no updates.

Bonus: also add LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook links to your JD Supra profile. Helps to grow followers in each channel as your work gains exposure on our network. Additionally, as we distribute your content to subject-specific Twitter feeds we include title, URL, and your own Twitter @address so readers can connect to you directly.

Bonus bonus: send a memo to your attorneys, make sure they know to follow your content on your channels. It’s a great way for individual attorneys to monitor the entire publication output of their firms. (For example, by following the firm’s Legal Updates on LinkedIn.) I can help with that memo. Again – drop me a line.

4. Inventory Your Legal Publications

What: have you added new publications, blogs or other content channels since you joined JD Supra? Let’s get the new work in front of JD Supra readers – add that content to your JD Supra site monitoring and distribution plan.

Why: easy – you spend a lot of time generating quality legal content. Now, let’s increase the audience for it!

Bonus: you might also consider expanding not only your content on JD Supra, but also your practice groups and attorneys. We offer the ability to create connected profiles for the entire firm, with links to all content, so that every element of the firm benefits from the additional JD Supra visibility. (See Lane Powell and BuckleySandler for examples of firm-wide presence on the network.) 

5. Follow the Feeds

What: browse through JD Supra’s numerous subject-specific law news feeds on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Choose your platform, follow the feeds that matter most to your firm. Includes: IP, Tech Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Insurance, Securities Law, Taxes, Corporate Law, Social Media Law, and so much more.

Why: 1) a quick an easy opportunity to watch your legal publications as they make their way to targeted audiences via social media channels; and 2) a quick and easy way to monitor what your competitors are covering in the same practice area(s).

Bonus: if you do have a Twitter account associated with JD Supra, be sure to monitor for any mentions of your Twitter @name. Our readers who retweet links to your work should be some of the first people you connect with as you grow your presence on the platform.

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 4.20.05 PM.png
What else? Plenty. But let’s save it for a call. Happy to answer any questions and walk you through the many benefits of a JD Supra Pro account.

Best wishes for your fall season.
Hope it’s just the right amount of pressure,