3 to Read … On Law Firm Websites

iStock_000012832145XSmall.jpgFor your reference, three articles recently posted on JD Supra that offer solid insights into (as Joshua Fruchter puts it in his whitepaper below) the “mainstay of a firm’s online presence” – the law firm website:

1. The Top Ten Law Firm Website Best Practices
From Fruchter/eLawMarketing: “A law firm website that is well-designed, easily navigated, and
populated with useful content projects expertise, attention to detail,
and technological savvy – key qualities that clients look for in a law

On the other hand, an outdated, poorly designed website
is, as one general counsel aptly remarked in a recent survey, ‘like
showing up to a meeting in a crumpled suit.’

Deploying a law firm website that attracts visitors,
holds their attention and converts them into leads, requires compliance
with ‘best practices.’ This white paper will discuss the following top
10 law firm website best practices…” Read on>>

2. The Future of the Law Firm Website
From Robert Algeri/Great Jakes Marketing: “During the past two years, my colleagues and I have studied the Great
Recession’s effects on legal marketing and law firm Web sites. Our
conclusion is that the law firm Web site is about to undergo a
revolution. Specifically, we expect law firm Web sites to:

• Become more valuable. Web sites will rival face-to-face meetings in terms of their importance in business development.

• Become bigger. They will grow to accommodate much more content.

• Focus more on attorneys. Law firm Web sites
increasingly will cater to the business development needs of individual

In short, a law firm’s Web site will no longer be
considered supplemental marketing collateral. Rather, it increasingly
will be thought of as a marketing platform that is central to all
aspects of a firm’s marketing activity (online and offline). This may
seem a radical notion for some firms. However, it is a natural reaction
to major changes that have occurred in the business environment…” Read on>>

3. Law Firm Website Contact Forms
From Steve Matthews at Stem Legal: “It’s arguably the most important thing on your
law firm’s website, the whole reason why it exists. Yet it’s usually
parked in some distant corner of the site, and a challenge for visitors
to find quickly and use easily…

A prospective client, having reviewed a firm’s website
in detail, often decides to reach out and speak with one of the firm’s
lawyers. This contact is typically established using one of three
methods: Phone us; Email us; Fill out and submit this online contact

Many firms use all three contact methods, while some
firms will limit the number of contact points made available. I
recommend maximizing both the number and visibility of contact options,
but ultimately, each contact style is an option for firms, not a

In this month’s column, I thought it might be
interesting to isolate and discuss one of those methods: the law firm
website contact form…” Read on>>

[Also see John Hellerman’s response to the Great Jakes post: Robert Algeri Predicts the Future]

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