Law News This Week: Human Slavery, China, FMLA Firings, SEC Trader Requirements, Job Interview No-nos, and more

iStock_000009317132XSmall.jpgFor your weekend reading pleasure, here’s a look at some of the law news coverage from JD Supra’s business blogs for the week:

– Human Trafficking & Slavery Law Comes to California Business:
We saw a recent uptick in commentary regarding The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, which aims to bring accountability to corporations doing business in California regarding human trafficking and slavery in their supply chains. The Act goes into effect at the beginning of 2012. No pun intended on chains, here’s our roundup on human trafficking and slavery in supply chains for California business>>

– Doing Business in China
Our latest roundup of law firm China commentary includes news and analysis of two sets of rules issued earlier in September by China’s Ministry of Commerce (to do with M&A review systems and competitive influence.) We also heard from law firms about economic opportunity in China. For your reference, see our coverage of China’s M&A Security Review, Competitive Influence, Counterfeits, Info Protection, and more>> 

– SEC Adopts Large Trader Reporting Requirements:
Earlier this summer, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted registration and reporting
requirements for “large traders” – traders whose transactions in
exchange-listed securities equal or exceed two million shares or $20
million a day, or 20 million shares or $200 million a month. Here’s reading list breakdown of what
broker-dealers need to know about SEC Rule 13h-1>>

– Fired While on FMLA Medical Leave? It Can Happen…
On the small business blog, we look at analysis of recent court decisions showing when it is OK to terminate for FMLA leave abuse. There’s a thin line between authorized and unauthorized use of family
medical leave, and dismissing employees for crossing it can leave
employers exposed to claims of unlawful termination and retaliation. Here’s where the courts draw the line on firings for FMLA leave abuse>>

– IRS Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program
A big story this week: the Internal Revenue Service’s program which “purports to give a free pass to employers who promise to reclassify any workers incorrectly treated as independent contractors.” Too good to be true? You’ll have to read the updates: Is IRS giving employers a free pass with the Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program? Yes and no>>

In the related news, we put together a roundup of law firm commentary illustrating the difference between employer and contractor. Do you know one from the other? See: Employee or Contractor? 5 Ways to (Legally) Tell the Difference>>

– “Cool accent! Where you from?”
And finally, this week we also pulled together a collection of legal updates to do with job interviews; a refresher on what you can and cannot ask a candidate during a job interview. We all know about religion, sexual orientation, and the rest, but it can get tricky quickly. Do you know these 5 Questions you can’t ask a prospective employee in a job interview?

What else? International AmLaw firm Sheppard Mullin launched their Facebook page this week. What’s not to LIKE: a firm page with news and substantive legal updates on all manner of topics? You know what to do next… Sheppard Mullin on Facebook.

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Have a great weekend! And here’s wishing that all your sweet apples are Granny Smiths: