Missouri’s Facebook Law for Teachers: “Staggering” Breadth of Free Speech Prohibition


Earlier today, the Hon. Jon E. Beetem, Circuit
Court Judge, Cole County Missouri, issued a preliminary injunction
temporarily halting the enforcement of Missouri’s new ‘Facebook’ law.
Describing the law as an overbroad prohibition of free speech, the
Court’s ruling demonstrates the difficulty of regulating social media

Interesting update today from law firm Armstrong Teasdale regarding Missouri’s ‘Facebook’ law for teachers:

Court Enjoins Missouri’s New “Facebook” Law Citing “Staggering” Breadth of Prohibition on Free Speech:

“Senate Bill 54, which was scheduled to become law on
Sunday, prohibits teachers from using any non work related website that
allowed exclusive access with a current or former student.

In blocking enforcement of the law, the Court said the
“breadth of the prohibition is staggering.” It noted that social media
is “often the primary, if not sole manner, of communications between the
Plaintiffs and their students.” The Court further noted that the
statute would “prohibit all teachers from using any non-work-related
social networking sites” thus blocking communication between teacher
parents and their own children.

“The Court finds that the statute would have a chilling effect on speech,” the ruling said”

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This follows an early August Armstrong Teasdale post – background information on the case: Why Can’t We Be Friends? New Missouri Law Bans Teacher-Student Friendships on Facebook

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