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Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 12.26.24 PM.pngFor your Friday reading pleasure:a look at some of the most-read legal roundups for the last 30 days on our business-focused law blogs.

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From the Corporate Law Report

1. Patent Reform 2011 Reading List: ‘America Invents Act’ Passes House and Senate
2. Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Updated Reading List on Class Action Impact & Analysis
3. Final SEC Investment Advisor Rules: A Dodd-Frank Reading List
4. FCPA Analysis & Commentary: A Compliance Friday Update
5. Social Media and the Law – A Friday Reading List
6. Dodd-Frank: Bad Actors Disqualified from SEC Rule 506 Offerings
7. Dodd-Frankly, My Dear, You Should Give A Damn…
8. Hart-Scott-Rodino Rules: DOJ And FTC Final Changes To Merger Reporting Form
9. Conflict Minerals and the Dodd-Frank Act: Long-Distance Accountability?
10. OSHA Compliance Updates: Workplace Safety, Employee Hazards, Violations, and More…

From Small Business Support

1. Social Media and the Law – Your Friday Reading List
2. Employment Law Roundup: You Should Know (These Updates)
3. Employee Theft and Fraud in the Workplace: Legal Considerations
4. Non-Compete Laws: News from Texas and Beyond…
5. Piercing the Corporate Veil: How to Avoid Personal Liability in Business
6. Congratulations, It’s A Regulatory Agency! The CFPB Is Open For Business
7. Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: What Lawyers Are Saying
8. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: More Complicated Than You Think
9. Employment Background Checks: Legal Considerations
10. I-9 Compliance: What Employers Need to Know About ICE Verification & Audits

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