Social Media Updates: Friday Reading for Law Firm Marketers

iStock_000012832145XSmall.jpgFor your weekend reading pleasure, a handful of social media updates and thought pieces that have made the rounds at JD Supra HQ recently.

By no means a complete list of must-reads, I do however think these posts are worth your time as you think through the many different faces of social media for your law firm, big picture and on the ground, today and tomorrow. And so, in no particular order:

What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About EdgeRank Checker (SocialTimes):

Interesting new tool that helps to hone your programming and timing on Facebook: “EdgeRank Checker calculates and analyzes Facebook Page EdgeRank scores, a measure of the likelihood that a Page’s posts will be visible on its fans’ ‘Top News Feeds’…” We’re still playing around with EdgeRank and are intrigued by the possibilities.

Why Social Marketers Must Rethink the Paid, Earned & Owned Media Framework (Mashable):

Re-thinking the way we evaluate paid/owned/earned media in the digital age: “It’s
time for digital advertisers to create media classifications and
relational models that can account for new hybrids. Creating a new
vocabulary for this stuff will enable more productive conversations
about the value of social advertising channels and help sort the wheat
from the chaff…”

The Big Book of Social Media Offers Excellent Tips for All Organizations (Small Business Trends):

 Drop us a note if you acquire this book and find it valuable. We’re intrigued by this glowing review: “I think you will be hard pressed to find an equally encompassing
resource that naturally blends the human spirit and commercial how-tos
of social media… I loved the scope of the book, and easily tore into the appropriately
named segments: Business and Social Media, Technical, Verticals, The
Media, Government, Employment, Nonprofits, The Artists, Global
Perspectives and Moving Forward. No section contained a
used-car-salesman-with-a-’70s-jacket hard sell on social media. Instead,
the  cases are crafted and arranged as seamlessly as parts on an Aston

The key to social media success is links, not conversation (Simply Zesty)

Oh boy, I can hear the die-hard conversationgelists (conversation + evangelist) screaming at their screens after that headline. Fact is, not all online success, not all social media success, is measured by the number of conversations you’ve had on LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter over the given week. In your efforts to generate visibility and attention, links (and by extension content) are a key currency, especially for law firms sitting on mountains of expert content waiting for a meaningful audience. This is not an either/or proposition: engage away, but also understand the value of your links. This piece touches upon some of it.

–  5 Commonly Held Social Media Myths…Busted!

Interesting HubSpot overview of a recent webinar by Dan Zarrella. Picks up on the “information v. conversation” topic as well as others: “What should you do instead of obsessing over conversations? Link to valuable information. Twitter is a link economy. Highly followed accounts, Dan’s research shows, tweet lots of links…”

And finally, two bonus links around coverage of CNN’s plan to acquire @zite, the popular news filtering and curation iPad app. I’ve been intrigued by this news item and what it means for the growing sphere of mobile digital news and information. Zite represents two well-executed strengths: mobile and news curation. Most of what you see on the app is worth reading. We’re all heading towards a mobile readership; always good to see early leaders doing it well. Especially interesting when you consider the role of law firm content in an increasingly fluid world of online info sharing – and when you consider: Reimagining journalism in the age of social media.
Have a good weekend. See you here next week.

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