Most-Viewed Documents on JD Supra: July, 2011

For your reference, a list of some of the most-viewed documents on the JD Supra network for July, 2011:

1. Why Retirement Plans Need A Financial Advisor
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Employment Law, Finance & Banking]

2. Online Poker Should be Taxed, But How?
[By: Sanford Millar |In: Tax Law]

3. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter: The Changing Face(s) of Social Networking for Lawyers
[By: Aviva Cuyler |In: Legal Marketing, Law Practice ]

4. Base Closures Raise Need for Complete SF86 Reviews
[By: Armstrong Teasdale |In: Military Law]

5. 10 Social Media Must Haves For Your Corporate Compliance And Ethics Program
[By: Sheppard Mullin |In: Antitrust, Employment Law]

6. Why the 401(k) Fiduciary Guarantee Should Get The F******** Out
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Employment Law, Finance & Banking]

7. Standards of Proof – What The Casey Anthony Verdict Reminds Us Civil Litigators
[By: Demas Rosenthal |In: Criminal Law]

8. The content marketing boom. 8 reasons why lawyers are creating all of this stuff.
[By: Great Jakes Marketing |In: Legal Marketing]

9. Moving On Up: Reaching the Next Rung on the Law Firm Ladder
[By: Andrea Lee Negroni |In: Law Practice ]

10. The Recent Detroit Lending Discrimination Settlement
[By: Jonathan Cannon, BuckleySandler |In: Finance & Banking]

11. Company Use of Social Media Best Practices: Checklist
[By: Practical Law Company |In: Communications & Media Law]

12. 10 Reasons Why Most Lawyer Blogs Are Boring
[By: Cordell Parvin |In: Legal Marketing, Law Practice]

13. HIPAA Audits Are Coming: Are You Prepared?
[By: International Lawyers Network |In: Health Law]

14. What Will A Short Sale, Bankruptcy, or Foreclosure Do To My Credit Score?
[By: John Skiba |In: Bankruptcy Law]

15. Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting (“FBAR”) and Amnesty Through August 31, 2011
[By: David C. Morganelli, Partridge Snow |In: Finance & Banking]

16. Sulfide Gases From Chinese Drywall Deemed Pollution for Which There Is No Coverage
[By: Sedgwick LLP |In: Construction Law, Insurance]

17. The Use of Social Media in Hiring Decisions: Tempting Fruit from a Poisonous Tree
[By: McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC |In: Employment Law]

18. Department of State Releases August 2011 Visa Bulletin
[By: Morgan Lewis |In: Immigration]

19. Unsecured Creditors Beware! The Western District of Texas Bankruptcy Court Declares an Unsecured Creditor Cannot Have Its Cake and Eat It Too
[By: Bracewell & Giuliani LLP |In: Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking]

20. In re Borders Group, Inc. – Notice of Cancellation of Auction, Bid for 30 Stores
[By: Randall Reese |In: Bankruptcy Law]

21. Alert – Hawaii General Excise Tax Exemptions
[By: Robert Thomas |In: Tax Law, Business Organizations]

22. Wireless Network Patent Owner Accusing Electricity Coops of Infringement
[By: Sutherland |In: Intellectual Property]

23. What General Counsel Need to Know About Protecting Their Company’s Trademarks on Social Media Sites Such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Others
[By: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP |In: Communications & Media Law, IP]

24. Best Practices for Defending Against Patent Trolls
[By: Quinn Emanuel |In: Intellectual Property]

25. Public Trust Climate Change Lawsuit Strikes Out in Montana
[By: Lane Powell PC |In: Environmental Law]

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