Spotlight: Most-Viewed Docs on JD Supra for Aug, 2011

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1. iStock_000007756620XSmall.jpgThe Top 10 Major Misconceptions Plan Sponsors Have About Their Retirement Plans
[By: Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Finance & Banking, Tax, Employment Law]

2. The Need for Plan Sponsors to “Tune-Up” their Retirement Plans
[By: Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Finance & Banking, Tax, Employment Law]

3. Copyright: Some Very Recent Cases You Should Know About
[By: Reed Smith |In: Intellectual Property Law]

4. IRS Issues Draft Form 706 for 2010 Estates
[By: Armstrong Teasdale |In: Tax Law]

5. Colbert Super PAC Ad Rejected by Iowa TV Station – Can They Do That?
[By: Davis Wright Tremaine |In: Elections, Communications & Media Law]

6. Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting (“FBAR”) and Amnesty Through August 31, 2011
[By: Partridge, Snow, Hahn LLP |In: Tax, International, Criminal Law]

7. Insurance Litigation Update
[By: Quinn Emanuel |In: Commercial Law, Insurance]

8. Texas Insurance Law Newsbrief
[By: Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom LLP |In: Commercial Law, Insurance]

9. Trademark owners can block new .XXX domain names
[By: Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn |In: Intellectual Property Law]

10. Department of State Releases September 2011 Visa Bulletin
[By: Morgan Lewis |In: Immigration Law]

11. Can My Boss Fire Me for Filing Bankrupty? Discrimination and Bankruptcy
[By: John Skiba |In: Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection]

12. FBAR Willful Failure to File Post August 31, 2011
[By: Sanford Millar |In: Tax Law, International, Criminal Law]

13. Form 8939, Where Art Thou? by Deborah DiNardo, Esq. and Lawrence D. Hunt, Esq.
[By: Partridge Snow &Hahn LLP |In: Tax Law, Trusts & Estates]

14. EEOC’s $20 Million Settlement with Verizon Puts Focus on “No Fault” Attendance and Leave Policies
[By: Poyner Spruill LLP |In: Employment Law, Personal Rights]

15. DOL Provides Further Guidance on Suspension and Anticipated Resumption of Its Processing of Prevailing Wage Requests for PERMs
[By: Morgan Lewis |In: Employment Law, Immigration]

16. NLRB GC outlines federal protections for employee social media activity
[By: International Lawyers Network |In: Employment, Communications & Media Law]

17. Basic Law for Web Designers No 1: Introduction to Contract Law
[By: Jane Lambert |In: Commercial Law & Contracts, Tech Law]

18. Slowing Economy Presents Window of Opportunity
[By: Ronald Shapiro |In: Employment Law, Immigration]

19. IP Update – Patent Law Reform 2011 – August 8, 2011
[By: Finnegan |In: Intellectual Property Law]

20. New South Carolina Illegal Immigration Law Ushers in Big Changes
[By: Womble Carlyle |In: Immigration Law]

21. Court Enjoins Missouri’s New “Facebook” Law Citing “Staggering” Breadth of Prohibition on Free Speech
[By: Armstrong Teasdale |In: Communications & Media, Employment Law]

22. FINRA to Issue More Guidance on Social Media
[By: Morrison & Foerster LLP |In: Communications & Media Law, Finance & Banking]

23. The purpose-driven law firm: What market role does your firm really serve?
[By: Edge International Consulting |In: Law Practice]

24. Cooperative Short Sale: A New Solution for Homeowners in Distress
[By: Jeffrey Harrington |In: Real Estate, Bankruptcy]

25. 6th Circuit Permits Claims Against Union To Proceed Under Computer Fraud Abuse Act for Organizing Protest Against Employer
[By: Kevin O’Connor |In: Employment Law, Communications & Media]

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