Law Firms on Facebook: 5 Examples of ‘Doing It Right’

We’re frequently asked to provide examples of ‘well-done’ law firm
Facebook pages. Here’s a look at some of the pages we offer in response,
with accompanying annotations to explain a few of the things we think
each firm is doing well.

Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 3.34.05 PM.pngThis is by no means a complete list, nor
a complete appraisal of ‘what makes a good law firm Facebook page.’ As
you will see, each page below includes some aspect or element that
serves as a good example of what you might do to create your firm’s
presence on Facebook. [I’ve included longer notes about what constitutes ‘good’
on Facebook below the list – read them at your own peril.]

1. Miller Starr Regalia

– brand-specific landing page; clear intro to the firm
– the human side to the firm is captured in images running across the Wall
– good blend of content including legal updates/commentary and law firm
news (firm and attorney activities, hosted conferences, firm milestones)
– a list of related “likes” that resonates with firm practice and location

2. Fenwick & West

– some of the same reasons above, plus:
– via content and style, a fairly well-communicated sense of audience
(which, I noticed early on, appears to include many past and present
Fenwick employees)
– a casual tone at times (see “Fenwickians” and “Dude, where’s my
financing…”) that manages to be Facebook-informal but stay on subject
– includes a focus on philanthropy, shows humanity behind the firm
– a good blend of legal news and updates, while promoting the firm with a light touch

3. Wilson Sonsini

– some of the same reasons above, plus APPS:
– using Events to promote firm-hosted roundtables and seminars
– using our Documents app to include repository of legal updates & publications directly within Facebook

4. The Divorce Collaborative

– a Family Law practice that seems to understand its audience, and as a consequence:
– mostly an informal, relaxed tone
– owner/attorney Stephen McDonough often stops by to add comments of his own, engage with visitors in replies
– also, good integration of blog, custom designed to replicate original look and feel within Facebook

5. Fashion Law

– example of an attorney at a larger firm (Fox Rothschild) using Facebook to cover her industry, further reinforcing authority in field of practice
– good idea for attorneys and practice groups, building a page around a topic rather than a corporate name
– good blend of regularly updated, on-topic content

Again, this is by no means a complete list, but rather a sampling of what’s available to you as you consider a law firm presence on Facebook. If you like other firm pages not mentioned here, tell us about them in the comments.

Adrian’s notes:

Talking about a well-done Facebook page feels a little like talking about a good email campaign; it’s relative. What makes either one ‘good’ entirely depends on who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to say, and whether you are on your way to effectively doing both. (Among other things.)

Put another way, your firm’s time on social media is not an end to itself, just a means to an end. What you do and how you do it depend on well-considered objectives that, at the start, have little to do with Facebook and more to do with your overall communications strategy.

Additionally, the bulk of writing about social media use tends to focus on tactics for connecting and communicating with an audience of consumers – where it makes sense to give away t-shirts, offer free iced-coffee coupons with your next donut purchase, send fans on scavenger hunts through YouTube that involve watching short videos of a handsome bald guy with a patch over his left eye and a cute dog for side-kick that herds chickens and counts how many beers are in the fridge by tapping his right paw.

With professional services, things are a touch different, perhaps a little more austere. And I think they begin with a single, simple goal: visibility. Professional visibility. (Which is not to say you can’t be creative and engaging and professional on Facebook – because you can.)
There’s much to say about professional visibility – fodder for future posts – but if you know me you know what I’m going to say next: it includes the dissemination of meaningful content online. In their own ways, all five pages above are programmed by people who appear to understand that.

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