5 Ways to Promote Your JD Supra Content on Social Media

Screen shot 2011-08-04 at 11.12.58 AM.pngHere are five ways easily to promote your JD Supra legal portfolio on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere around the Web.

Besides our efforts distributing legal publications and updates on behalf of our Pro members to targeted
audiences around the Web, we’ve also built custom tools that allow anyone
to self-syndicate their JD Supra work. Here’s how:

1. Legal Updates on Your LinkedIn Profile

Our LinkedIn partnership allows JD Supra Pro members to reach professionals in specific industries on the world’s largest professional network, but the Legal Updates application also allows any JD Supra member to feature their portfolio directly on their LinkedIn profile.

Install the app and follow the one-time process to sync LinkedIn and JD Supra. From then on, not only will your JD Supra content be displayed on your professional profile, but you can also upload new content directly within LinkedIn (it appears on both sites). Further, each new upload will appear as a status update for your LinkedIn network.

Screen shot 2011-08-04 at 11.17.29 AM.pngIn other words, you’re able to feature your work to people visiting your LinkedIn profile directly and promote new content via an update to anyone in your network.

2. Legal Updates on Your Company Profile

LinkedIn’s relatively new “Company Profile” feature includes a place to enter an RSS feed from your blog, website or, in this case, your JD Supra portfolio. We recommend it; every new publication or update of yours will appear alongside other firm information on your Company Profile.

[See for example Fenwick & West or Dechert on LinkedIn – both run feeds of their JD Supra content to their firm profile pages.]

If you have administrative access to your firm’s LinkedIn Company Profile, click to edit the page and then simply add your JD Supra RSS feed; the URL is available on your JD Supra profile, or the portfolio page that lists all of your documents.

Additionally, we have been supplying our contributors with the RSS feed for their documents as they appear in the Legal Updates application itself. Benefit: LinkedIn readers of your LinkedIn-based content can share it easily with their own networks, as well as choose to follow all of your future updates, with a simple click of a button in the Legal Updates app. Contact us if you want this custom RSS feed.

3. Legal Publishing on Facebook

We’ve been helping lawyers and law firms build professional presence on Facebook since 2008. Our JD Supra Docs application allows you to promote your JD Supra content directly within the Facebook ecosystem, on either a firm page or your personal profile.

Over the past year, Facebook has focused the role of the Business Page as a way to extend a professional presence on the widely used platform. Our app is a perfect addition, allowing you to feature your entire collection of legal publications directly on a firm-focused page, and to announce each new piece of content automatically as an update on your page’s Wall.

Screen shot 2011-05-02 at 11.04.47 AM.pngYou can also install the legal publishing app on your personal profile. Over time Facebook’s policy about apps has changed – it is no longer possible to include your documents in a separate “tab” on a personal profile, but with the app installed you will be able automatically to announce each new document upload as a status update to your connections.

4. Latest Uploads on Twitter

Lately we’ve been helping more and more of our contributors to tether their JD Supra and Twitter accounts, so that each new upload on JD Supra is automatically announced to their followers on Twitter.Screen shot 2011-08-04 at 10.21.09 AM.pngWe recommend this quick and easy step – among other things, it is one more way to increase visibility for your content on your own growing social media channels. Contact us – we’re happy to make the JD Supra-Twitter connection for you; otherwise there are a number of other services that can feed content to Twitter via RSS, including Twitterfeed.

5. Badges and Widgets

Badges? Yes, you do need stinkin’ badges! (While we’re on the phone connecting your Twitter account to your JD Supra profile, we’ll explain the reference if you don’t already know it ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the years we’ve also developed a series of badges and widgets that enable you to tell your own website or blog visitors about your work on JD Supra. The widget streams a list of your latest documents, allowing website/blog visitors to read your work with a single click. The badge comes in a range of shapes, sizes, and messages – all encouraging visitors to see your work on JD Supra.

Badges and widgets can be installed on any blogging platform or, as mentioned, directly on your firm website. Grab the installation code for each by logging in to your JD Supra Account Management page and looking for the “Social Media” collection of links.

Bonus: if you’re one of the early adopters to Google Plus, be sure to include a link to your JD Supra presence on your Google Profile. Not only is it one more spot to promote your repository of professional expertise, it might also help with search visibility.