Most-Viewed Documents on JD Supra: June, 2011

For your reference, a list of some of the most-viewed documents on the JD Supra network for June, 2011:

1. Why Retirement Plan Sponsors Shouldn’t Only Focus on Low Fees
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Employment Law]

2. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Media Coverage
[By: James M. Ridge & Associates, P.C. |In: Employment Law]

3. MoFo New York Tax Insights – June 2011
[By: Morrison & Foerster LLP |In: Tax Law]

4. Revamping Atlantic City
[By: Fox Rothschild |In: Real Estate & Construction]

5. Federal Regulators Target Ambulance Service Providers
[By: Fox Rothschild |In: Health Law, Criminal Law]

6. Shredding Before Suing? Think Twice (Update)
[By: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP |In: Civil Procedure & Remedies]

7. Mastering the Great (But Lost) Art of the Return Phone Call: A tongue-in-cheek guide to tackling a difficult task
[By: Daniel E. Cummins |In: Law Practice]

8. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Reform: HB 1698 Passes
[By: Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck |In: Labor & Employment Law]

9. Making Sense of Fraudulent Transfers, Intangible Benefits, and Lender Liability After TOUSA II
[By: Quinn Emanuel |In: Finance & Banking]

10. Common Question: How Much Are Estate Planning Attorney Fees?
[By: Law Offices of Janet L. Brewer |In: Wills, Trusts & Estates]

11. Life After Bankruptcy – How Long Until I Will Be Able to Buy a House Again?
[By: John Skiba |In: Bankruptcy]

12. Why the 401(k) Fiduciary Guarantee Should Get The F******** Out
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm |In: Tax Law]

13. The EEOC’s 5 warnings about medical leaves and the ADA
[By: Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP |In: Employment Law]

14. How To Make It Rain By Marketing Individual Lawyers
[By: John Hellerman |In: Legal Marketing]

15. What’s Next for the U.S.–The Metric System?: A Quick Look at the “Imminent” Major U.S. Patent Law Reform
[By: Finnegan |In: Intellectual Property]

16. Watch Your Step–If Its S.B. 800 Alternative Prelitigation Procedures Are Not Enforceable, A Builder Cannot Compel A Home Purchaser To Comply…
[By: Miller Starr Regalia |In: Real Estate & Construction]

17. The Myth of the Two-Tiered Associate Track
[By: Edge International Consulting |In: Law Practice Support]

18. The Protect IP Act : A Powerful Tool, A Powerful Controversy
[By: Venable LLP |In: Intellectual Property]

19. Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting (“FBAR”) and Amnesty Through August 31, 2011
[By: Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP |In: Finance & Banking]

20. Wireless Network Patent Owner Accusing Electricity Coops of Infringement
[By: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP |In: Science, Computers & Technology]

21. 25 Great Lessons I Learned Practicing Law
[By: Cordell Parvin |In: Law Practice]

22. An Update on Social Media and Employee Discipline
[By: McNees Wallace & Nurick |In: McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC]

23. Fannie Mae Gives Florida Big Time Extension to Get Foreclosures Done, Florida Courts Get Breathing Room
[By: Rosa Eckstein Schechter |In: Real Estate]

24. Building a Better Credit Report
[By: Bryon W. Gross, Esq. |In: Consumer Protection]

25. United States Supreme Court Defines Limits of Bankruptcy-Court Jurisdiction, Raises Additional Questions
[By: Bryan Cave |In: Bankruptcy]

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