3 Easy Steps to Creating a Custom Legal Magazine on iPad

Want to build your very own magazine of timely and trending legal updates on an iPad? Create a daily dose of digestible commentary, analysis, and news by some of the nation’s leading lawyers and law firms writing about developments in your industry, profession, field of interest? Easy! Here’s how:

Use Flipboard.

Generally, there’s a progression of excitement that follows the purchase of an iPad and it goes something like this:

1. “I’m going to buy an iPad, I am really excited.”
2. “Wow, I love my iPad. I’m finding all kinds of cool apps.”

Flipboard takes a feed of content (your choice) and reformats it into a magazine-like structure for easy consumption on the iPad. Tell Flipboard who you are via Facebook and/or Twitter, and the app will
build a slick magazine out of all of the updates and links your connections
have shared.

Like many people, at launch I was struck by the out-of-the box brilliance of the app, with its simple but (IMHO) game-changing message:

in this information economy, not all links need to look like … links.

And so, instead of a steady stream of shares, one after the other, passing through our screens via RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc – now Flipboard curates what matters to us and makes the vast accumulation of shared information browsable, readable, digestable. The magazine of the future is here.

As the app has grown so have the various ways we can build magazines on it. One easy method is to designate a particular @Twitter account as your feed of choice. The app will build a zine out of all content tweeted by that account. And this, frankly, is one of the easiest ways to create your own mag of legal updates. How?


Flipboard: Meet JD Supra

Screenshots in this post are from one of JD Supra’s many subject-specific Twitter feeds – specifically @JDSupraBuzz, a feed of legal updates, alerts, and articles currently trending on the site. Goofing around in the office, we built a magazine around “JD Supra Buzz” in about 30 seconds. You could do the same with that feed – a daily dose of what’s interesting and popular on JD Supra, covering all subjects.

Or, build a magazine around any of our other feeds: Tech Law, Business Law, Real Estate, Securities Law, Intellectual Property, Social Media Law, Employment Law, and many, many others.

In return, you’ll get a daily diet of updates on topics of the day from a mix of some of the biggest law firms in the country all the way to solo practitioners focused on growing their practice by sharing substantive legal content online.

Quick and easy steps to creating a JD Supra Legal Magazine on Flipboard:

1. Open Flipboard on the iPad
2. Click to “Add a Section”
3. Glide on over to the “Twitter Users” section and type in the name of the legal feed you’re going to add. (Link is to a long list of ours – choose your preference. We have legal updates covering just about every industry or profession or field. Choose whatever applies to you.)

Done. You’ve just built yourself a good-looking magazine of legal content that matters to you – and it looks something like this – inasmuch as the width column of this blog can do it justice>>


What feeds your Flipboard? Tell us.