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iStock_000012584795XSmall.jpgFile under: what’s buzzing on the network? Here’s a look at handful of hot-topic items we’ve seen on JD Supra in this last week of June:

– SCOTUS Overturns California’s “Violent Video Games” Law

From Davis Wright Tremaine: “The Supreme Court’s June 27, 2011, decision in Brown v. Entertainment
Merchants Association (EMA) invalidated California’s ‘violent video
games’ law, which had prohibited sales and rentals to minors and
required the games’ packaging to bear a large ’18’ label on the front.
Justice Scalia’s majority opinion reinforced a number of vital First
Amendment principles that bar legislative attempts to create new
categories of “unprotected speech,” and that establish how relatively
little extra leeway the government enjoys even when claiming to
regulate in the name of children…” Read DWT’s full update here and this from Foley Hoag: Game Over For California Law Prohibiting The Sale Of Violent Video Games to Minors

– Patent Reform 2011: House Passes “America Invents Act”

Now that the House has passed the ‘America Invents Act’ (June 23rd) we’re seeing new commentary and analysis on what this might mean for patent reform. We’ve put together a reading list of new work from the likes of Finnegan, Morgan Lewis, Bracewell & Giuliani, Thompson Coburn, and others. See: Patent Reform 2011: ‘America Invents Act’ Passes House and Senate for more information

– Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Class is Dismissed!

Bad puns aside, there’s has of course been a lot of attention (and legal analysis) focused on the recent SCOTUS decision in Wal-Mart v. Dukes and how it reshapes large-scale class actions. We’ve compiled a reading list with work by Dechert, Sedgwick, Sutherland, MoFo, Fenwick & West, and numerous other leading firms. For you reference: Wal-Mart v. Dukes: Class Action Impact & Analysis

– SCOTUS Has Been Busy   

A handful of other notable decisions from the United States Supreme Court – trending on JD Supra:

– Yes ICANN?!

We’ve seen a spike of interest in the recent ICANN board of directors decision to approve a new, top-level domain name program. Much of the commentary and analysis has been framed around steps to take to protect your brand online. Read more at: ICANN Domain Expansion: What You Need to Know

– Social Media Law

Finally, in response to ever-increasing interest in the topic, last weekend saw the launch our new(est) Facebook page dedicated to delivering updates and commentary “at the intersecion of Social Media and the Law.” Join Social Media Law (click to LIKE the page) for a steady stream of law firm updates and analysis covering the myriad legal issues surrounding the exploding, exciting world of Social Media. You can also follow the topic on our related Twitter feed: @SMediaLaw

Now you know. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you online!

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