How to Build Your Law Firm’s ‘Company Profile’ on LinkedIn

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For your reference, here is a list of articles that explain how to claim and build out your law firm’s Company Profile on LinkedIn.

The Company Profile feature benefitted from several excellent enhancements late last year (including the ability to add news feeds and for individuals to “follow” companies of interest). Lately we’ve seen increased interest by law firms to build a corporate profile on the professional network. Here’s how:

Company Pages Overview | LinkedIn Learning Center (LinkedIn)

Direct from the source, an overview of Company Pages from the
LinkedIn Learning Center. Includes a thorough explanation of the various
components of a Company Profile (how to use them and why they matter).
The FAQ section includes a link to getting started with your firm’s profile… 

How to Create a Company Profile on LinkedIn (SitePoint)

A good, basic overview of how to start a Company Profile on LinkedIn, with screenshots for easy reference…

LinkedIn Company Profile Tips with Viveka Von Rosen (MOSTraining)

Guest post by @LinkedInExpert Viveka Von Rosen, including video. Viveka touches upon the fact that anyone with a company email address can start a firm profile, so a first step should be to see if yours already exists. Also: tips about using relevant keywords in your company description…

8 Steps to a Healthier LinkedIn Company Profile (RWE Marketing)

Besides some of the more obvious but worthwhile suggestions (ie, create an Overview page) be sure to see step #2. Covers the creation of a Services page, including the use of rotating banner images (and, if you have the knowledge for it, Google analytics to track click-throughs)…

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Profile for Recruiting (Mashable)

A great post with misleading title from Mashable. The tips included herein are valuable for any firm (recruiting or otherwise) once they’ve established a basic firm profile on LinkedIn. Of note is point #2: “Employee profiles drive information.” In other words, once you’ve established your corporate presence on the world’s largest professional network, be sure the lawyers in your firm are doing the same…

Examples? Here are a handful of law firms with completed LinkedIn Company Profiles. All have tethered their own JD Supra legal updates to their profiles. Get in touch with us if you’d like to do the same:

Fenwick & WestBryan CaveDavis Wright TremaineFisher & PhillipsRopes & GrayWilson Sonsini

And of course no post about law firms on LinkedIn would be complete without a prod to install Legal Updates on LinkedIn>>