Best Time of Day for Sharing Legal Content? JD Supra Says…

Is there a best time of day (or best time of the week) to share content online? According to a recent Hubspot webinar (reported here by Larry Bodine): yes, there is.

Funnily enough, I came upon Larry’s summary just as I was preparing to write a post about what we at JD Supra see with regard to traffic coming from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our findings don’t exactly match with Hubspot’s report; make what you will of that.

Screen shot 2010-02-25 at 9.36.15 AM.pngFor our own internal purposes, we look at traffic coming to JD Supra from the holy trio of social media, covering the last twelve months.

Across the board, we find that legal content prime time is from 10:00am to 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

More specifically, the highest volume of traffic from both Facebook and Twitter comes to us between noon and 1:00pm PST.

We look at activity within our Legal Updates app on LinkedIn (in which the content is accessible directly on the professional network): readership of Legal Updates on LinkedIn peaks between 10:00am and 11:00am PST. Earlier than Facebook and Twitter by two hours. 

Moreover, these numbers match with the overall trend of traffic on JD Supra. We see a peak of readers in the same time-frame mentioned above (despite the fact that content pours in all day long).

We do see another spike in traffic from Facebook later in the day (ostensibly once people are home from work) around 7:00pm PST.

At first glance this tells us that our readers are most active during the professional workday. Given the nature of the content (legal updates, commentary, analysis, articles, etc.), that makes perfect sense.

[Another piece: Tuesday appears to be the most active day on JD Supra, followed by Wednesday; more on that later.]

The findings mentioned above reflect a number of different sources. For example, on Facebook alone, we have many ways in which readers connect to JD Supra content. For one thing, lawyers and law firms are able to replicate and promote their entire JD Supra Portfolio in Facebook using the app we launched in 2008 to do just that.

Also, JD Supra content is portable – we make it very easy for people to tweet, share, like, or otherwise link to content they appreciate on JD Supra – no matter which network they’re using. And finally, over the years we’ve used Facebook Pages to build active, target audiences by topic – covering Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Business, International Law, and numerous other subjects. Each of these channels drives its own readership back to our legal content. 

We have a similar segment of feeds by subject on Twitter, and then of course the Legal Updates app on LinkedIn – which not only feeds legal content to each subscriber’s LinkedIn homepage, but also delivers the content via daily, topical email digests.

I think next we might segment them out and look closely at the patterns within each source.

Hubspot’s findings (read Larry’s report in full) do resonate with ours in a few ways (for example: the “second-best time” for getting a share on Facebook is 7pm – which is  when we also see that same second spike.) However, our numbers do seem to differ on two key points from the webinar, namely: “Very early in the morning — 5 AM to 7 AM is a great time to catch people’s attention…” and “Time your activities to be seen in the Eastern time zone, where most people in the country live and work..”

Now I just need to decide if I’m going to share this post on Hubspot’s clock, or JD Supra’s. Hmmm.

When is prime time for your content? Share what you know here.