DREAM Act: What Lawyers Are Saying

With increased interest in the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (“Dream Act”) – and a vote in Congress imminent – here’s a quick JD Supra legal reading list on the bill:

“…nothing could be more pressing than the one facing many talented young
people in our country. In his July 1, 2010 remarks on CIR, President
Obama pointed out that many of the 11 million illegal immigrants
amongst us came to the US with young children in tow.”

“…The Act, which would grant conditional legal status to young immigrants who are pursuing college educations or serving in the U.S. military, offers potential benefits not only for aspiring young residents, but for U.S. taxpayers as well. Immigrants who had career opportunities to become future doctors, nurses, teachers, other kinds of professionals, or educated entrepreneurs could make greater contributions to the U.S. economy and to the U.S. tax base.”

“Drafters call the new legal status offered by this bill “conditional nonimmigrant.” CNI status would be granted for ten years. It could then be converted to regular green card status, and in three years time after that, US citizenship. The status itself is conditional on maintaining “good moral character,” a clean criminal record, and other good immigrant behavior…”

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