Most-Viewed Documents on JD Supra: Nov, 2010

For your reference, a list of some of the most-viewed documents on JD Supra for November, 2010:

1. 2010 California General Election Results
[By: Manatt Phelps |In: Elections & Politics]

2. In re BNA Subsidiaries, LLC – Motion for Approval of Debtor-in-Possession Financing
[By: Randall Reese |In: Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking]

3. Social Media Policies Reduce Discovery Risks: Are You Prepared?
[By: Armstrong Teasdale LLP |In: Employment Law, Business]

4. 2010 General Election Results (Texas)
[By: Smith Law Group, P.C.  |In: Elections & Politics]

5. 401(k) Fee Simple Absolute
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C. |In: Tax Law, Employment Law]

6. WaferGen and Generex Receive IRS Grants
[By: Darrin Mish, Tampa Tax Attorney |In: Tax Law, Health Law]

7. 10 Headaches for MERS
[By: Richard Kessler |In: Real Estate]

8. Compliance with the New Risk-Based Pricing Rule
[By: Morrison & Foerster LLP |In: Finance & Banking, Consumer Protection]

9. Immigration Insights (October 2010)
[By: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP |In: Immigration Law, Communications & Media Law]

10. Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Payroll Company To Run Your 401(k) Plan
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C. |In: Tax Law, Employment Law]

11. Immigration Fees Increase; November Cut-Off Dates See Little Movement
[By: Duane Morris LLP |In: Immigration Law]

12. USPS Heading Towards Bankruptcy
[By: Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center, P.A. |In: Bankruptcy]

13. Can You Handle the Truth About Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2011?
[By:  Lane Powell PC |In: Real Estate, Finance & Banking]

14. New Federal Rule on Experts Takes Effect Dec. 1
[By: IMS ExpertServices |In: Electronic Discovery]

15. Facebook Firing? NLRB Complaint Alleges Employer Violated Employee’s Rights
[By: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP |In: Labor & Employment Law]

16. Mastering the Legalities of Medical Marijuana
[By: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP |In: Health Law, Criminal Law]

17. Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum (No Corporate Liability Under AlienTort Claims Act)
[By: Santiago Cueto |In: International Law & Trade, Business Torts]

18. FCPA Settlement Day: DOJ Guidance on the Best Practices of a Corporate Compliance Program
[By: Thomas Fox |In: International Law & Trade, Securities Law]

19. Estate Taxes On the Rise?
[By: Warner Norcross & Judd&nbsp
; |In: Tax Law, Trusts & Estates]

20. Lenders Beware: The Threat of Equitable Subordination in Bankruptcy Cases
[By: Poyner Spruill LLP |In: Bankruptcy, Civil Procedure & Remedies]

21. Regulating Online Marketing? Red Alert – The ABA Isn’t the Enemy
[By: Ross Fishman |In: Legal Marketing]

22. E-Discovery in Cross-Border Litigation: Taking International Comity Seriously
[By: Venable LLP |In: Electronic Discovery, International Law]

23. Deposition Transcript Dailies – Tricks And Tips For Court Reporters
[By: Kramm Court Reporting |In: Law Practice Support]

24. Hospital’s Participation in TRICARE Subjects it to Federal Contractor Affirmative Action Obligations
[By: Ford & Harrison LLP |In: Health Law, Employment Law]

25. Repelling the Social Attack Requires Legal and PR Savvy
[By: Sands Anderson PC |In: Communications & Media Law, Commercial Law]

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