Legal Updates on LinkedIn: What’s New…

Several months since launch and still daily (actually, hourly) we see professionals on LinkedIn installing our Legal Updates application.

As expected, we’re seeing two kinds of users: 1.) lawyers and legal professionals who want to showcase their expertise on LinkedIn by sharing their written work in a robust, far-reaching way; and 2) professionals in all industries who are keen to read legal news, commentary, and analysis that matters to them (and connect with the lawyers who have written it).

Recent feedback from the latter group – specifically, a general counsel who wrote us to say:

“I enjoy the LinkedIn functionality by the way. I check it almost every day to see if there are any articles of interest. I like the fact that I can easily follow issues I care about without clogging up my email inbox and mail with newsletters from firms on issues I am not interested in.”

We’ve also heard from the former group. Here’s a lawyer who had this to say very soon after joining JD Supra and choosing premium distribution on LinkedIn:

“The response has been tremendous. People asking to link in with me, requests from places like North Dakota, Ohio, Chicago, etc. Of posting a link to the articles or permission to use them as handouts. I have a call tomorrow from an advisor in Chicago, who wants to see how we can do business together.”

If you haven’t yet installed Legal Updates on LinkedIn – do so now! Both a terrific way to stay on top of legal issues that matter to you and (if you are a legal professional) to showcase what you are good at on LinkedIn.

We’d love to hear your feedback, too. Like what you’re reading on LinkedIn? Made good connections as a result of using the app? Whatever your news or thoughts, please drop us a line.

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