Most Viewed on JD Supra: Oct, 2010

For your reference, a list of some of the most-viewed documents on JD Supra for the month of October:

1. A Final Chance for 2010 Immigration Reform
[By: Ronald Shapiro |In: Immigration Law]

2. Four Deaths Lead to Graco Stroller Recall
[By: Demas Rosenthal |In: Personal Injury]

3. In re Workflow Management, Inc. – Proposed Joint Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization
[By: Randall Reese |In: Bankruptcy]

4. Prop 19 – Copy of California Proposition 19 to Legalize Marijuana
[By: Adrian Lurssen |In: Personal Rights, Criminal Law]

5. What if They Built a Law School and Nobody Came?
[By: Jerome Kowalski |In: Law Practice]

6. Federal Government’s Suspension of Contractor GTSI Holds Several Important Lessons for All Government Contractors…
[By: Mintz Levin |In: Business Organizations]

7. H&R Block Sues HSBC over Tax Loans
[By: Darrin Mish, Tampa Tax Attorney |In: Tax Law, Finance & Banking]

8. The Top 10 SEO Best Practices For Law Firm Websites
[By: eLawMarketing |In:  ]

9. Plaintiff v. JPMorgan Chase, Quality Loan Services, Chase Home Finance and LPS Default Solutions – Second Amended Complaint
[By: Cameron Totten |In: Finance & Banking, Real Estate]

10. Quit Claim Deed with Life-Estate Language
[By: Lawrence Tolchinsky |In: Real Estate]

11. Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe, Inc.
[By: Rob Robinson |In: Electronic Discovery]

12. Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Payroll Company To Run Your 401(k) Plan
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C.  |In: Labor & Employment Law, Tax Law]

13. Social Media and the Implications for E-Discovery
[By: Shireen Ali |In: Electronic Discovery, Business Organizations]

14. USCIS Filing Fee Changes Coming November 23rd
[By: Mintz Levin |In: Immigration Law]

15. Hip Replacement? Read This
[By: Mark Cornwall |In: Consumer Protection]

16. New York’s New Divorce Laws
[By: Daniel Clement |In: Family Law]

17. The 401(k) Storm: Are You Ready?
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C. |In: Labor & Employment Law, Tax Law]

18. Thoughts & Tactics for Practice Group SEO
[By: Steve Matthews |In: Legal Marketing]

19. Update: Avoiding Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Claims
[By: Curt Langley, Jackson Walker LLP |In: Consumer Protection]

20. Second Circuit Holds That No Private Right Of Action Exists Under Section 304 Of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
[By: Sheppard Mullin |In: Securities Law]

21. Copyright and Product Design: A Review of the “Useful Article” Doctrine
[By: Mintz Levin |In: Intellectual Property]

22. Cyber-Bullying Does Not Happen In a Vacuum
[By: Sheppard Mullin |In: Consumer Protection]

23. Gifts in 2010 as a Strategy to Reduce Your Estate
[By: Cole Schotz |In: Trusts & Estates, Tax Law]

24. What Not to Do: The Five Most Common Mistakes Behind Employment Lawsuits
[By: Daniel Pyne, Hopkins & Carley |In: Labor & Employment Law]

25. Judge: Privacy on Social Networking Sites is “Wishful Thinking”
[By: Sands Anderson PC |In: Communications & Media Law, Personal Rights]

Also of note: Immigration Reform: News & Legal Info and Online Privacy and Social Networking: A Legal Reader… 

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