Most Viewed on JD Supra: Sept, 2010

For your interest, a look at some of the most-viewed documents on JD Supra for the month of September:

1. No-Fault Divorce Law Enacted In New York
[By: Pryor Cashman LLP |In: Family Law]

2. The Top Ten Major Misconceptions Plan Sponsors Have About Retirement Plans
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C. |In: Employment Law]

3. In re Workflow Management, Inc. Proposed Joint Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Plan of Reorg
[By: Randall Reese |In: Bankruptcy]

4. What if They Built a Law School and Nobody Came?
[By: Jerome Kowalski |In: Law Practice]

5. Multilingual glossary of legal terminology (Italian, English, French, Spanish)
[By: Riccardo Massari |In: International Law, Law Practice]

6. Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe, Inc.
[By: Rob Robinson |In: Electronic Discovery]

7. In re Blockbuster Inc. Affidavit of Chief Restructuring Officer in Support of Bankruptcy Filing
[By: Randall Reese |In: Bankruptcy]

8. Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum (No Corporate Liability Under Alien Tort Claims Act)
[By: Santiago Cueto |In: International Law & Trade]

9. Health Care Reform: Grandfathered Plan Regulations
[By: Thompson Coburn LLP |In: Health Law]

10. One Solo Lawyer’s Reality
[By: Donna Seyle – Law Practice Strategy |In: Legal Marketing]

11. Terry Lenamon’s List of State Death Penalty Mitigation Statutes (Full Text)
[By: Terence Lenamon |In: Criminal Law]

12. Health Care Reform Coverage of Children under 26
[By: Thompson Coburn LLP |In: Health Law]

13. The Myth of Free 401(k) Administration
[By: The Rosenbaum Law Firm P.C. |In: Employment Law, Tax Law]

14. Ellis v DHSMV – Order Granting Certiorari
[By: FL Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers |In: Criminal Law]

15. Time to Get More Bang For Your Legal Research Buck
[By: Corinne A. Tampas |In: Law Practice]

16. Bankruptcy Expenses Soar for Washington Mutual
[By: Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center, P.A. |In: Bankruptcy, Finance & Banking ]

17. Hewlett-Packard Company v Mark V. Hurd – Civil Complaint
[By: |In: Labor & Employment Law]

18. If We Build It, Will They Come?
[By: Morrison & Foerster LLP |In: Legal Marketing]

19. Lawyer Profiles: Dropping the Middle Initials
[By: Steve Matthews |In: Legal Marketing]

20. The State of Law Firm Email Marketing: Benchmarks, Trends and Best Practices
[By: eLawMarketing |In: Legal Marketing]

21. Quit Claim Deed with Life-Estate Language
[By: Lawrence Tolchinsky |In: Real Estate]

22. UK Bribery Act Guidance Released
[By: Thomas Fox |In: International Law & Trade]

23. Haywood v. Medstar-Georgetown Medical Center, Inc.
 – Motion To Compel Defendant To Designate A Spokesperson For A Deposition
[By: Patrick Malone & Associates P.C. |In: Health Law, Personal Injury]

24. Wal-Mart Gender Discrimination Employment Lawsuit to Go to Trial
[By: Callahan & Blaine |In: Labor & Employment Law]

25. DWI Passenger Held Accountable for Vehicular Homicide
[By: Collins & Collins, P.C. |In: Criminal Law]

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