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Over the past few weeks we’ve seen an uptick of interest in an already hot topic – and so, for your reference, here’s a reading list of Immigration Reform articles and news updates, as written by leading lawyers and law firms and posted on JD Supra:

A Final Chance for 2010 Immigration Reform (by Ronald Shapiro)

“Just before Congress ended its last session to allow for re-election campaigning, Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010… If the Act should pass, it would tighten border security and immigration enforcement, while creating a path to citizenship and integration for undocumented workers.”

IMMIGRATION REFORM: The One Sided Debate (by Bashyam Spiro, LLP)

“The immigration debate over the past five years has focused solely on illegal immigration and illegal aliens. This debate has missed an entire demographic of immigrants – those who have followed the rules and are stuck in an inefficient system that keeps them in limbo for many years…”

Why we need the DREAM ACT now! (by Nachman & Associates, P.C. )

“If passed, the DREAM Act would make it possible for 1 million young undocumented immigrants to become lawful permanent residents. The bill would permit immigrant students who graduate from US high schools, are of good moral character, arrived in the US as children, and have been in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill’s enactment, the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residence…”

[Also see: DREAM Act Suspended by Filibuster…]

The Myth of Special Treatment for Illegals (by Szabo, Zelnick & Erickson, P.C.)

March, 2009 analysis: “There’s a common misconception that by illegally entering the U.S., illegal aliens are able to apply for permanent resident status sooner than had they remained in their home country and applied from abroad. The reality is that, for the vast majority of illegal aliens, there is simply no process that would allow for them to be considered for permanent resident status. This is why so many continue to live in the shadows and fringes…”

What’s Ahead for Immigration Reform, 2010 Style (by Fox Rothschild)

January 2010 analysis: “Serious and effective enforcement needs to include enhanced border control, sanctions against unscrupulous employers and an accurate E-verify system, among other things. It should include speedy and fair hearings for those subject to removal. But other troubling issues ahead include whether states and cities should pass their own immigration-related laws and have local police be the enforcers…”

Implementing Immigration Reform in The Age of Belt-Tightening (by Siskind Susser Bland, P.C.)

March 2009 analysis: “Even if the funds were appropriated, the mammoth task of rolling out a legalization program along the lines being discussed would take time. In fact, it could take USCIS years to fully process the applications for the millions of individuals expected to apply. The proposals call for extensive background checks, English examinations, medical examinations, payment of back taxes, verification of residency in the US, etc. There are strong policy arguments in favor of these requirements, but achieving the goal of beginning to integrate these people into American society would be delayed an intolerably long period…”

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The United States Needs Meaningful Immigration Reform, Not A Closed Door of Fear (by Copy Central 100 Montgomery)

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The Case for Immigration Reform (by Ronald Shapiro)


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