What Makes a Good Facebook Business Page? (Pt. 1 of 3)

I think the best Facebook business pages share three characteristics that make for a good foundation as you build a professional presence on the world’s largest communications platform: 1. sense of audience; 2. content; and 3. engagement.

If you’re just beginning a business presence on Facebook and are looking for some pointers, consider starting with:

1. Sense of Audience

Who are you trying to reach? I ask this of lawyers almost daily. It’s a question you must answer for yourself and applies not just to Facebook, but to any front (blogging, JD Supra, speaking engagements, etc.) in your strategy of using content to connect with people who can help you to grow your business .

The second characteristic of a good Facebook page is Content with a capital C, but you must begin by considering your audience; otherwise, you’re wasting your time. Think like an editor, as Jordan Furlong once so aptly put it.

It’s a deceptively simple point, because the end result can – I suspect – make all the difference. Your Facebook Business Page (like your blog or website) is not just a broadcasting channel for corporate news and marketing pitches. It’s an opportunity to earn the attention of people who might actually make a difference to your business: colleagues, new clients, exisiting clients, media, bloggers, professionals in related fields, and so on.

Tune your Business Page to the needs, desires, and interests of your ideal audience – not from your point of view, but from theirs. The people you are trying to reach online:
– who are they? (Quite literally take a moment to write down the answer. It you’re Matt Homann, you’re drawing a picture, too.)
– what keeps them up at night?
– what do they need to know to help them succeed, personally or professionally?
– what do you know that might help them?

It’s not an especially foreign exercise – you know your client base better than anyone. If you are a family lawyer, you know their confusion and concerns around elder care or creating the right estate plan for their children. If you handle divorces, you undoubtedly have a window into relationships like no other. If you’re a corporate lawyer helping entrepreneurs, you’ve heard the question about how NDAs work a thousand times. If you handle bankruptcies, or real estate, or tax law issues, or …

Sharing your knowledge and expertise isn’t going to put you out of business. (The world will always need lawyers and the service they provide.) Done right it can, however, help draw attention to the fact that you provide legal service in the first place. That attention is hard to come by in the noisy, crowded online landscape we call the Age of Information.

Examples of Facebook Pages that, to my mind, consider audience in their programming:

The Divorce Collaborative (Stephen McDonough)
Fashion Law (by Fox Rothschild)
Diaz Reus International Law Firm (Michael Diaz, Jr.) 

More on why I like these pages (and on sharing Content via your Facebook Page in general) tomorrow, in my second post. Including
practical tips on how to manage an editorial schedule for your page…

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