LinkedIn & JD Supra Launch ‘Legal Updates’ to Create World’s Largest Legal Content Distribution Network

I’m thrilled to announce that LinkedIn and JD Supra have launched Legal Updates, the first and only application specifically created to distribute legal content (and help lawyers connect with the right people) on the world’s largest professional network.

Highlights of Legal Updates on LinkedIn

  • Any of the social network’s 70+ million members can install Legal Updates to receive a feed of timely legal content (your work!) on their LinkedIn homepage, automatically matched to industry or profession.
  • Legal Updates are customizable: users can choose to follow specific subject feeds (Real Estate, Employment, Tech, etc.) or individual sources (you, the lawyers and law firms posting work on LinkedIn and JD Supra).
  • Legal Updates also creates the first browsable, searchable repository of legal information directly available on the LinkedIn platform.
  • Lawyers and legal professionals can use the app to upload their documents within LinkedIn; include a portfolio of written work directly on their LinkedIn profile; and choose to distribute their legal content to people on LinkedIn in the industries and fields they serve.

The tip of the iceberg! Please see our introductory video below for more information. And be sure to add Legal Updates on LinkedIn.

I’m proud to say that if this launch reflects upon anything, it is the terrific quality of our contributors’  legal work. It is without question your fine content that has enabled us to open this new and important channel: targeted delivery of useful legal information to professionals across the LinkedIn network…


Add Legal Updates on LinkedIn (InApp Page)
New: Legal Updates on LinkedIn (JD Supra Page)
Media and Press Information
– Join the Legal Updates Group on LinkedIn, for Q&A and connections
Webinar: join us for a tour of Legal Updates (Thurs July 22, 10 PM PST/1 EST)