How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network with Legal Updates

[One of a series on how to use a particular aspect of JD Supra’s Legal Updates application on LinkedIn.

See also: how to recommend, share, save documents, how to customize your feeds, and how to connect your JD Supra & LinkedIn accounts…]

What: learn how to grow your LinkedIn network using Legal Updates.


Two parts to this tip: one for anyone reading publications in Legal Updates; the other, for lawyers and legal professionals who use the application to upload and showcase their own legal content on the LinkedIn network.

1. Everyone: click ‘Add to Network’

   Screen shot 2010-07-23 at 12.04.49 PM.png

Anyone reading the array of publications delivered via Legal Updates can click ‘Add to Network’ to add the source of a particular piece of content to their LinkedIn network.

This is a powerful piece of functionality in the Legal Updates application:

If you discover an article, alert, or piece of legal analysis that resonates with you – offers helpful insights and perspective – you are now able to connect to the author of that article, simply by clicking ‘Add to Network.’ The link appears below the title and byline of documents in Legal Updates (example above) and takes you to the author’s LinkedIn profile.

One caveat: in order for the ‘Add to Network’ to appear on a document, the doc’s source/author must have connected their LinkedIn and JD Supra accounts. (All JD Supra content is visible in LinkedIn, but we do need to know who it belongs to in LinkedIn before we can connect it to a profile on that platform.) Which leads to…

2. Lawyers: connect your JD Supra and LinkedIn accounts

Legal professionals: if you have a portfolio of documents on JD Supra, take a minute to add Legal Updates in LinkedIn and connect your two accounts. Once we know who you are in LinkedIn (once we are able to point people to your LinkedIn profile) we can include the ‘Add to Network’ link in all of your documents, and point people directly to you in LinkedIn.

In this way, your content can help you to increase visibility and grow your network within LinkedIn. And once you’ve connected your two accounts…

3. Supercharge (and target) your reach with Premium Distribution

Any lawyer can use Legal Updates to feature a portfolio of legal work on their LinkedIn profile; upload documents directly within LinkedIn; be found in LinkedIn’s only repository of legal information – all for free.

If you opt for a premium JD Supra account, you can also deliver your work outside your network, directly to people on LinkedIn in the industries and fields you serve. (Upgrade either within “Account” settings in Legal Updates on LinkedIn, or by logging in to

Whenever anyone adds Legal Updates to their LinkedIn homepage, we automatically match a feed of legal content to their industry or profession.

legal information on linkedin.pngThat’s your premium content streaming to the business intelligence dashboard of real estate professionals, tech entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, professionals in biotech, HR managers, small (and big!) business owners, and all the other professionals on LinkedIn who now have direct access legal writings on critical matters of the day.

One of the best ways to grow your network on LinkedIn:

…reach outside your immediate connections, to people who need to know you (and need to know what you are good at). Introduce yourself with meaningful, useful, timely content that matters to them.

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