SEO and Social Media: What We’re Reading Now

Here are two recent articles by Lee Odden on the intersection of Search and Social Media that bring insight and clarity to the topic. I quote some of the key, stand-out points below the links; each piece is certainly worth reading in full.

1. Beyond Google: SEO and the Social Web:

“…Developing and promoting optimized content to relevant networks
creates a Social and SEO cycle that expands reach, grows community and
improves search engine visibility.”

“…The power of a social SEO program focused on content marketing enables companies to realize search engine marketing benefits as well as long term, meaningful connections with a community of customers. ‘Meaningful connections’ means more word of mouth referrals, more purchases per customer, lower attrition and the opportunity to tap into an active fan base for research, consumer generated content and customer evangelists.”

2. Major Social Media & Search Engine Relationships:

“…As the major search engines update their data sources for real-time
search and even socially influenced search, there’s an opportunity for
marketers to understand how their participation on the social web can
continue to provide signal and even content for the major search

“…In the end, what matters is not just the changes search engines make to
gain market share over each other, but the ways in which consumers
respond in their information discovery, consumption and sharing


As the major search engines respond to the increased popularity of social media platforms, we only stand to benefit.

Yes, social media is so very much about being social – it’s about community and connections. But the articles above and other ongoing coverage makes it clear: a well-conceived social media plan that includes Content Marketing – the sharing of useful information with people who need to know it – does more than expand connections. It also helps with visibility, plain and simple.

Get your content online and, more to the point, make it social.

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