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At time of writing, over 25,000 people are connected to JD Supra’s Facebook legal news channels. Our Facebook audiences grow daily. For your reference, here’s a list of some of those social news law pages.

“Like” any page below to receive on-topic legal commentary and guidance in your Facebook stream:

We deliver to each page timely, relevant legal content (articles, alerts, blog posts, newsletters) as uploaded on JD Supra. See the “Legal News” tab below…

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…and, in a “Lawyers” tab, we list the lawyers and law firms uploading their work to JD Supra:

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The lawyer and law firm listings in Facebook also allow page visitors to connect directly with our contributors on their network of choice – Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook (as shown above).

We also regularly feature articles, alerts, commentary, and other legal documents to engaged audiences in each of these Facebook channels. We see ever-growing interest in the work as people come to rely on these pages for legal information that matters to their personal and professional lives.

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Content and connections. Join us.

“Like” any of the pages above that interest you. And, if you are a legal professional using JD Supra to increase readership of your work, also:

  • Fill out the social networking fields on your JD Supra profile, so your readers can connect to you on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Monitor any JD Supra Facebook channel that delivers your work to our targeted audiences. As people “like” and comment on what you’ve written, join the conversation – and, when appropriate, invite your new readers to join your network.


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